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H&M is leasing a free suit to clients for job interviews – this is to be expected

The retail giant is making it easy for job applicants to make a first impression in their interviews.

April 16, 2021

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Clothing retailer H&M is allowing customers to rent suit Free for 24 hours, according Traders in the process.

The company first launched a vest rental service in the UK yesterday but plans to offer a similar service in the US starting May 13, H&M said.

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The move is believed to be part of an effort to focus on greater sustainability for the clothing giant, which launched a “conscious collection” in 2012. This collection has sides goods are made from at least 50% sustainable materials. H&M said it plans to use only recycled or other sustainably sourced materials by 2030.

H&M said Traders in the process that suit rental services also allow anyone to have job interview “To make a strong first impression.”

The customer has all day to use the rental and will have to return it in a prepaid bag to one of H&M’s laundry and drying partners, publication note. Although H&M shoppers are not responsible for any minor damages (such as tears or stains), they will have to pay the full retail price of the suit for any “major damages”. Come on.



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