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Honest truth about starting a travel blog

It seems that in this day and age everyone wants to be a travel blogger, and it’s hard to see why. Travel around the world, get paid to share your stories and build communities around your shared passions. Of course this sounds like a dream! If you’re like me, travel blogging has been an idea in your mind for a long time. Or at least, you get curious about how a person set foot in the world of travel blogs. Yes, I’ve got you covered! I started my blog a few months after the pandemic, despite the fact that we haven’t been able to, you know, travel a part of travel blogging. Many people may question why I choose to start now, but I think it is the best decision I can make. Here’s the honest truth about what it’s like to start a travel blog in 2021.

Here’s a post from our guests Travel blogging class student, Jacqueline Le.

Jacqueline has completed our main class to create her own successful blog. After you read her honest review, make sure visit her blog!

You need time

What you may realize up front is how much time and work is actually spent creating a travel blog. I have no formal experience in web design, writing, digital marketing or basically any of the skills required to perform the tasks required to run a travel website. The only thing I have is a deep love for travel, and travel photos that tell my stories.

Unless you already have skills in all of these areas, you’ll have to spend a lot of time learning them. Luckily, during the pandemic we have a lot of that, right? To be honest, even with downtime, I still feel like I don’t have enough hours of the day searching for mountains of information and tasks related to starting a blog.

One great way I have made the learning process as efficient as possible is to register World of Wanderlust Travel Blogging Masterclass. This course presents everything I need to know in a simple and actionable format that makes it easy for my new brain to deploy. Instead of paying for dozens of individual online courses and hoping for relevant information, this course provides travel blogging-specific skills and knowledge that I can immediately apply. ie to create the website I want.

There’s always room for more bloggers

One big reason I waited so long to start a blog, is that I’m afraid the industry is too saturated. But seriously, can you blame me? Today, you can hardly open any social application without discovering a perfectly framed photo in a beautiful destination, taken by a very successful blogger. It’s easy to assume there’s no room for newcomers, but that’s simply not true. Saying that there are too many travel bloggers, is like saying that there are too many restaurants in the world (no one ever says) or that there are too many music artists.

It’s not really about how many other people you are doing what you do, but that you are doing well in what you do. There’s always room for great content.

The truth about starting a travel blog

Aim to work smarter, not harder

When you first start a blog, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the work you feel like you need to learn or do. Truth be told, I’d say it’s better to keep it simple and make what is as easy as you can. For example, before I created a blog, I thought for months about what I wanted my website to look like, without really understanding how to create a blog without paying a large sum of money to a designer. web design. In Travel Blogging Masterclass, Brooke revealed the easiest way to create a beautiful website without coding knowledge. I was shocked by how easy it was. I literally bought my domain name, set up my website and let it look the way I always imagined for the first few hours.

Use smart shortcuts to make your life easier and your blog better. It is a win-win!

The truth about starting a travel blog

The best time to start is now

Probably the best advice I can give is the best time to start a blog is now. You will never be completely ready or perfect, but the only way you can learn and grow is by doing. Plus, you’ll learn right after blogging that timing is really important, especially for SEO. In short, this means the longer your website simply exists, the more authority it has in the eyes of Google. This means if I have the same website that I am working on now, but started it earlier, then I can now rank higher in search engine results (more on SEO in Travel Blogging Masterclass). So when you hear that the best time to start a blog is now, it means MUST NOW. Don’t wait another day.

The truth about starting a travel blog

You must invest in your success

The best part about starting a travel blog, it’s a very cheap way to build your potential online business. You can start your blog by spending almost no money, but if I have learned anything in business school, then it is that you cannot make money without spending. I’m not saying you have to spend a lot, but knowing when to invest in yourself and your blog will save you valuable time and make it easier for you to succeed. Personally, I chose to dedicate a little bit to my topic, signed up for the Travel Blogging Class, and although I already had a camera, that’s where I would choose to invest again if I had to. . Besides cameras, these costs are minimal on the grand scheme, but they will help you outstrip those trying to get as cheap as possible.

You have nothing to lose

In fact, you really have nothing to lose when starting travel blogging. Creating my blog is just the creative outlet I need during this pandemic. Honestly, I wholeheartedly love the process and enjoy working with it every day. There is no downside to having a travel blog, and the worst result I can think of is that I won’t “succeed”. If that’s the case, I’ll still have a great online documentary of my travels for me to enjoy myself. Not to mention all the connections I have made with great people since creating my blog who share my passions. And if it succeeds, well, the possibilities are truly endless, right?



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