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Hong Kong Warning Countries, Group Not Arriving ‘Harbor’ Political Refugee – Radio Free Asia

Hong Kong authorities on Friday attacked “countries harboring criminals”, after exiled former pro-democracy legislator Nathan Law said he had obtained political asylum from the UK.

Law, 27, tweeted earlier this week that he had been approved by the Home Office as a political asylum seeker after a series of trainees for over 4 months.

On Friday, Hong Kong authorities said it opposed “harboring criminals” by other countries, regions, organizations or individuals.

Obviously following Hong Kong’s rule of law that the defendant is considered innocent until proven guilty, it says “criminal [were alleging] that they are prosecuted for political reasons to deliberately avoid justice. “

“Any country, region, organization or individual that accepts Hong Kong crimes in any way demonstrates disregard for the rule of law, a complete disrespect for the legal system of Hong Kong, and brutally interfering in Hong Kong affairs, “it said, in comments almost identical to those made on Thursday by a Foreign Ministry spokesman in Beijing.

“Eventually they will suffer the consequences of what they did,” it said.

Beijing on Thursday accused the UK of “harboring criminals” after Law’s refugee status was confirmed.

“The UK is clearly a platform for independence instigators in Hong Kong and provides so-called shelter for wanted criminals,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said in a statement. Regular press conference in Beijing.

“The UK should immediately correct its mistakes, and stop interfering in Hong Kong’s affairs and China’s internal affairs,” Zhao said.

Law said he was exactly wanted under strict national security laws, which were imposed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on Hong Kong from July 1, 2020, leaving him to the British. considered at risk. government.

“My being wanted under the National Security Law shows that I am facing severe political persecution and not able to return to Hong Kong without risk,” Law wrote, citing the letter. decision you got from the Home Office.

He also urged the Home Office to consider accepting a variety of evidence for Hong Kong applications.

A cold effect

Amnesty International said national security laws were “very restrictive[ed] freedom of speech and other human rights in the city. “

The report by the Hong Kong branch of the London-based human rights group said: “The impact of the NSL on Hong Kong civil society has been swift and deeply disturbing.

Two days after the law was passed, the Hong Kong government announced that the slogan of the 2019 protesters ‘Hong Kong Freedom, Revolution Now!’ Has constituted the offense under the provisions of the law prohibiting words and actions in favor of secession, the report said.

“Individuals and businesses who have shown support for the 2019 rally have deleted their social media posts and accounts for fear of retaliation by the authorities.”

The law gave new investigative powers to the police, the report said, including the right to impose a travel ban, search people’s homes, block or seize their property, and manage them without an order. of the court.

Authorities in Hong Kong ruled on Friday that Tam Tak-chi, the detained vice president of the People’s Power Party, can be tried for disruptive charges in District Court without a jury group, despite arguments from his defense team that the courts would have no jurisdiction in national security cases.

Tam was arrested in September 2020 for using slogans protesting “Hong Kong Free, Revolutionary Now!” and “Five required, not less than one!” while giving a speech on the streets of Kowloon from March to July.

Defendant Tam also shouted: “Cop, hope everyone in the family dies!”. and the complaint related to the police’s inaction in the crowd attack on July 21, 2019 against train passengers at Yuen Long and riot attacks by the police against passengers in Prince Edward Metro Station on August 31, 2019.

Reports by Fong Tak Ho and Lau Siu Fung for RFA Cantonese Service. Translated and edited by Luisetta Mudie.



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