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Hop-In-Go Technologies, Corp. Receives Multi-Million-Dollar Valuation – IHUB Partner Press Releases

COLUMBIA, S.C., July 10, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — HOP-IN-GO Technologies, Corp., the newest on-demand ride share service, has today announced a multi-million-dollar valuation following its April 2021 launch.

HOP-IN-GO’s new valuation is based on its progress in delivering value and innovation to a broader user base and its continued growth amongst the rideshare giants. The company has transitioned beyond development status, with an active product and drivers ready to roll.

“This valuation is a testament to the company’s deep understanding of the challenges and areas of opportunity in the rideshare industry. Our app delivers innovative solutions to safety, inclusion, comfort and reliability. We’re extremely proud of our progress,” said HOP-IN-GO Creator and CEO, Ron McKnight.

Recent safety concerns and accessibility challenges with other rideshare services make HOP-IN-GO and its focus on safety and accessibility a strong contender in the marketplace. The inability to utilize a variety of payment options with other rideshare apps excludes access to a significant group of people who don’t have credit cards or bank accounts. The majority of unbanked in the U.S. are low-income households and people of color. HOP-IN-GO is working to change that, offering rideshare service to everyone.

HOP-IN-GO is currently prepared to enter its Series A Funding round. “We believe this valuation is only a fraction of the value HOP-IN-GO will be worth long-term,” said McKnight. “This dramatic growth in the past few months, continues to validate the incredible need for innovation in the rideshare community.”

HOP-IN-GO Highlights:

  • HOP-IN-GO strives to offer the latest in innovation and safety in the rideshare market.
  • SOS Feature: This feature allows you to notify up to three people of your choice of your location, driver, car and details.
  • Accessibility: HOP-IN-GO will allow a variety of payment options, including the use of prepaid cards.
  • Reliability: HOP-IN-GO stresses the focus of reliability with on time rides, every time.

About HOP-IN-GO Technologies Corp.

HOP-IN-GO is a rideshare app designed to connect people through the power of inclusion HOPIN is committed to providing rides to everyone regardless of their zip code or economic status. What started as a way of helping people move around from point A to point B, has become the illuminating force behind connecting each other with one of the most valued aspects of life itself the human experience. Visit http://www.hopinpal.com for more information.

Media Contact

Ron McKnight, HOPIN, +1 (551) 666-8794, [email protected]


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