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Hope: ‘We look forward to a new phase’ – Politics

“I want to deliver a message of determination and trust: I don’t look down on difficulties but I have the condition to confidently look at the opening stage. Finally, conditions are given to gather the first concrete results of the work we have done over the months through vaccination. From April to June, we will receive a dose three times higher than the vaccine, “said the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza in the information for Chamber recalled that he had said “the truth even if it wasn’t comfortable”.


“In the second quarter, 50 million vaccines will hit the market and Pfizer will predict a few million doses, for Italy that means about 7 million.. Cautiously, Commissioner Figliuolo is working on 45 million doses of the vaccine that will reach customers by June. This puts us in a position to complete vaccinations in the most at-risk groups. Vaccination for the elderly is correct and all regions must follow these guidelines, “added Speranza.

The Minister explained: “There have been mistakes in the European negotiations but it would not be better to do it alone. Buying vaccines together is right at the European level. Now we are. Strengthen Italy’s capacity to produce vaccines starting from Reithera “, the Minister explained. revealed to the Chamber, emphasizing that however, a “faster and more authoritative” Europe is needed. But – he added – “not having everyone’s fight against everyone and doing better doesn’t mean doing it alone”.

“In the fight against this time, it is physiological that after millions of vaccinations, the use of vaccines can be corrected, and this is necessary for a precautionary principle. AstraZeneca, like everyone else, is efficient, safe and lifes people, as evidenced by the results in this area in GB. Speranza explained that there was an unacceptable delay in the delivery we needed. “” Of the 32 million vaccinations and 222 reports of side effects for the AstraZeneca vaccine – explains Speranza – 82 adverse cases, 18 deaths: is it a very small phenomenon? should be disregarded, highly alert And of course changes in the indications of vaccines are part of this attention. ” JJ, “hopefully soon there will be clear factors that will allow us to start using a vaccine that is critical to our vaccination campaign, as a single dose”.

“Latest follow-up after 4 weeks of harsh measures, indicates that intensive care remains at 41% of jobs: that’s a number that might make people think we have taken measures. The measures are too strict to be left alone in the trenches. We must quickly close them when necessary and we have a duty to develop a roadmap to loosen measures that are always unanimously approved by the CDM. “

“During the intensive care process, we have to listen to the heartfelt cry of alarm coming from our doctors: we cannot continue to call them heroes and then do the opposite of what they love. demand in us, put them in the trench alone to fight in the hospital, “said Minister Speranza, reiterating that intensive care is still above the 40% threshold.

“The timing of decisions in the fight against the virus is crucial: we must quickly shut down when needed, and not confuse timing and method of reopening so as not to disappoint the sacrifices we have made.” Certainly the concern of the Italians and the development of new poverty, difficulties for companies and workers but without simple answers and complex problems with high variable numbers ” .

“Fdi will present a personal no-confidence petition against Minister Speranza”, Fdi’s Galeazzo Bignami said in the Chamber of Commerce after the Minister’s urgent information on the vaccine situation. “Time to take responsibility,” he repeated. “We are facing a setback,” Bignami said of the vaccination campaign. “The selection of AstraZeneca and the assignment of vaccine selection to the EU were made by Speranza, and this is also confirmed in his book, there is no trace in bookstores,” he concluded.



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