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Horoscope of love and the compatibility of Taurus

Fascinating Taurus Love Battles April 21 – May 21 From Earth element to the zodiac Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

TAURUS WITH TAURUS two Earth signs Happy when the same sex. You create a beautiful home, but can be stubborn to get stuck, so you both need to learn to say, “You’re right.”


Taurus can cast spells on Gemini, but watch out for the blue-eyed monster

TAURUS WITH GEMINI (Earth + Air) Magic moments with Gemini The charms and ideas of the person amaze you, but don’t expect a cozy sofa every night. Gemini needs to spend a lot of time making you jealous.

TAURUS WITH CANCER (Earth + Water) Sex is rich and sensitive because Cancer is so imaginative. Loyalty is as solid as a rock. You will be dedicated lodgers who build a great lifestyle. Both are good at making money and spending money

TAURUS WITH LEO (Earth + Fire) Tame your lion with kindness, deal with your own stubbornness, then it can work. Everyone sees each other’s gentle core, possibly passionate, but trustworthy. Let Leo think they are the leaders.

TAURUS WITH VIRGO (Earth + Earth) To outsiders, the two of you look like a great couple who can make money together. In a private place, you open up the secret desires of Virgo. Love begins to slowly build into a lasting relationship.

ENJOY WITH LIBRA (Earth + Air) You’ll be mesmerized by Libra’s charm – but so are everyone else! You will have to work hard to keep Libra excited. It’s always challenging, but you have a lot to learn from each other.

List of 12 stars

Traditionally used by Mystic Meg for each of the signs below.

TAURUS WITH SCORPIO (Land + Water) Opposition sides are united in the desire to put love first. Soon to disintegrate, if jealousy has a place. Let Scorpio know there is no secret between you two. Then it can be great.

TAURUS WITH SAGITTARIUS (Earth + Fire) The upbeat Sagittarius can light up your life, encouraging you to take risks. But it is not easy for you to accept Sagittarius will always need to feel free.

Taurus will fall in love with Thien Binh's flirting charms but they won't be alone


Taurus will fall in love with Thien Binh’s flirting charms but they won’t be alone

TAURUS WITH CAPRICORN (Earth + Earth) This could be the real love deal if you live for the present more than for the perfect future that you both try to plan. Full trust leads to daring sex.

TAURUS WITH AQUARIUS (Earth + Air) You will be intrigued and sometimes confused by Bao Binh’s future ideas. It might work when you accept Bao Binh cares about the world. Loving imagination.

TAURUS WITH PISCES (Land + Water) Sensitive to each other’s needs. Mutual affection and strong attraction. However, hone your listening skills, as Pisces often feel misunderstood.

TAURUS WITH ARIES (Earth + Fire) You are both strong characters and very loyal when you love, but you will hardly trust the bold Aries with all your heart. It can be successful if you fight an argument and take turns being the controller of love.



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