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How can the Ford Bronco 2021 compete with the Jeep Wrangler?

Apparently the all-new Ford Bronco 2021 was designed with a square Jeep Wrangler in its sights. Both vehicles offer outstanding off-road capability, along with a fun and youthful experience thanks to their classic styling, detachable roof and doors. While we haven’t ridden the new Bronco yet, here’s how it stacks the venerable Wrangler on paper.


The all-new Bronco is for 2021 and is a purpose-built off-road vehicle with detachable roofs and doors, not to mention a myriad of tech.
Jeep Wrangler was last completely redesigned for the 2018 model year and builds on a formula that has been refined over the past few decades.

Ford Bronco 2021

Ford Bronco 2021 Starting price: $ 29,995

What we like: Classic look, segment-leading technology, easily detachable roof and doors, key off-road features available on all versions

What we will change: Availability will soon be fragmented, and dealers will likely charge big price increases

Total: Ford Bronco 2021 is revival of an icon. Like the Wrangler, the Bronco comes with a removable roof and doors, along with plenty of off-road capabilities. Six main trim levels will be offered – base, Big Bend, Black Diamond, Outer Banks, Wildtrak and Badlands, plus a special ‘Launch Edition’ that has sold out.

The Bronco riding on a body-on-frame platform will also be the foundation for the next-generation Ford Ranger. An independent front suspension combined with a solid rear axle means the Bronco will be relatively ready on the road while offering most of the off-road capabilities of rival Jeeps. Two good engines, along with an optional manual transmission, are available.

What’s new for 2021: Everything. The Bronco is an all-new Ford model and the first to use the company’s next-generation midsize truck platform. Neither its drivetrain nor automatic transmission is new, though its 7-speed automatic is and has a special super-low sprocket. Its design is inspired by the design of the original Bronco, which went on sale from 1966 to 1977.

Features and technology: The Ford Bronco 2021 is available in a multitude of configurations and terrain technologies. For starters, the roof and doors are removable. There are actually three different roof designs; a soft top and two hard tops, the most versatile with individual detachable panels on both the first and second rows, and a detachable section that covers the cargo area. Expect a few different accessory door designs to come out as well.

Also, expect the Bronco to debut with a multitude of Ford accessories, including fenders, bumpers, wheels, lighting systems, and more. All-wheel drive is standard and the Bronco is also available with front and rear differential lock, special low-range gearshift, disconnected front shaker, ‘single-pedal steering’ feature and a multitude of modes. off-road driving. In terms of software, Bronco launches the fourth generation of Ford’s Sync infotainment software, which will pack the ability to map terrain through a number of different services and more.

What does the future hold? The Bronco itself has become a vehicle of the future, as it will likely not be available to the masses until about a year from now. That said, expect a top-of-the-line Raptor version to come out in the next few years, while a pickup to compete with the Jeep Gladiator is also reportedly in the works.

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2020 Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler

Jeep car

Starting price of Jeep Wrangler 2020: $ 29,790

What we like: Only passenger cars sold with solid front axles, available diesel and retractable hood, available, proven capability

What we will change: Rough driving style on the road, cumbersome door and roof dismantling procedures, limited technology compared to Bronco

Total: Like the Bronco, the Wrangler is available in both two-door and four-door body styles. Four core trim levels are provided; Sport, Sport S, Sahara and Rubicon, are the most off-road oriented Wranglers. Fabric and hardtop are available, as well as three engine options. The Jeep Gladiator is a pickup version of the Wrangler and offers a level of utility not found on the Ford Bronco 2021.

What’s new for 2020: A new optional diesel will join the lineup for 2020. Additionally, changes are limited to minor tweaks to the Wrangler’s trim level structure and trim.

Features and technology: As in previous years, the Wrangler features exceptional low-range off-road driving, front and rear differential lock, disconnected front swing bar and other off-road hardware like the taller fenders. Chrysler’s 8.4-in UConnect infotainment system is excellent and available on all but the base version. In addition to the solid rear axle, the Wrangler offers two big features that the Bronco doesn’t. For starters, it’s available with a new diesel for 2020, offering more torque than any engine in the Bronco lineup. Alternatively, the Wrangler can be fitted with an optional electrically retractable upper, making switching between convertible and convertible driving a breeze. It’s worth noting, though – one of these two features is the $ 4,000 option.

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What is the future ?: Jeep introduced a pickup version of the Wrangler, the Gladiator, for the 2020 model. A Mojave, introduced last year on the Gladiator as a high-speed terrain vehicle, is likely to join the Wrangler lineup soon. In response to the Bronco release, the company also teased a potential V8Strong Wrangler, which we expect to launch as production in about a year or so. Either way, since it has been around with only incremental improvements over the years, Jeep will likely look to make some improvements for Wrangler in response to the Bronco sooner or later.

Bronco vs. Wrangler: Power comparison

Both of these vehicles are effective toys – your life is inherently more enjoyable with one in your garage. The Ford Bronco 2021 and the Jeep Wrangler 2020 both come standard with all-wheel drive, great off-road shape, and detachable roof and doors. Either one should be a blast to take a camping trip or just go cruising around town in – the roofs and doors – on a summer day.

Benefits of Ford Bronco: The Bronco is the newer of the two and has more technology than the Wrangler. Its independent front suspension is a huge draw for anyone driving on the road. Additionally, Ford benefits from a second move, and therefore, can take advantage of Wrangler’s weaknesses in the new Bronco design. This is evident in the fact that the Bronco doors are smaller and easier to disassemble, the mirrors remain attached to the A-pillars when the doors are removed, and the Bronco opening is wider than the Wrangler’s thanks to the better position. of the roll cage. Additionally, the Ford Bronco 2021 comes with more off-road toys and better drivetrain options.

Benefits of Jeep Wrangler: When it comes to slippery engineering, the Wrangler’s solid front axle will always have an advantage over the Bronco’s independent front suspension. Additionally, the Wrangler is available with a diesel that offers decent low-end growl, not to mention the respectable fuel economy. As we mentioned above, the Wrangler also offers an inbuilt diesel and top retractable. On top of that, the Bronco was in insane demand – reports say Ford has received as many as 250,000 pre-orders.

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Ford Bronco 2021 vs Jeep Wrangler 2020: Which is better?

For all off-road enthusiasts, except for the toughest ones, we tend to recommend the Bronco instead of Wrangler. Bronco’s independent front suspension puts it above the Wrangler 99.9% of the time you’re behind the wheel, while its other off-road features seem to either meet or surpass Wrangler’s tech.

That said, if you want to tackle Rubicon or Hell’s Revenge, you can’t beat Wrangler in terms of suspension shape thanks to that solid front axle. On top of that, the Wrangler will certainly be the more available of these two, likely for the next 18 months, and although they are priced similarly by their respective manufacturers, the Bronco will likely be comes with hefty dealer discounts, while you can gain some financial incentive on Wrangler.

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