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How did Black Rob die?

The world of rap is shocked when it is announced that Black Rob has passed away on April 17, 2021.

Whoa! The star posted a tribute video of DMX – who passed away on April 9 – in his hospital bed and sadly he was unable to heal.


Black Rob was famous in rap and hip-hop music in the late 90s to early 2000sCredit: Getty

Who is Black Rob?

Black Rob – real name is Robert Ross – was born on 12/7/1976 in New York.

He grew up in East Harlem before associating with the Bad Boy record label – famous for artists including The Notorious BIG, Craig Mack and more recently Machine Gun Kelly.

The pinnacle of this rapper’s career came when he created the hit Whoa! peaked at number 43 on the Billboard Hot 100.

But his life was not crime free, he committed a possession offense and was sentenced to at least seven years in prison in 2006 – his time was cut short when he was released in five 2010.

How did Black Rob die?

The New York-born man had many health problems in his later years, having had a mild stroke around late 2014 and early 2015.

And despite his healthier lifestyle, he returned to the hospital in April 2021.

After the death of DMX, Black Rob revealed his latest health concerns in a video from his hospital bed.

He said he was in “crazy” pain, while paying homage to DMX, adding: “I feel everything about X. X is positive. Love with X.”

But sadly, on April 17, it was revealed Black Rob is dead after kidney failure.

How many children does Black Rob have?

Black Rob’s death meant he left four children behind.

The rapper has daughters Kayli, Rianna and Diamond, along with son Million.

But it was previously revealed that the child support “killed” him, leading to many financial problems.



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