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How do you determine to take care of yourself? We re-imagine it in 3 ways

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There is no doubt that like Take care of yourself as a concept has become commodityit has changed in meaning and perceived value. It is currently commonly used as a marketing tool to sell masks and health care products with a four-digit price tag. It has been criticized as useless, selfish, and expensive. But how friend definition of self-care? Because when we look at taking care of ourselves separate from the so-called self-care industryWe were prompted to empower, re-focus and radical act of rest and recharge really is.

Hosted by Well + Well managed editor Samantha Leal, the latest episode of The Well + Good Podcast discover the true meaning of authentic self-care. Conversations with Leal are the guests Lauren Ash, CEO and founder of Black Girl In Om, and Arielle Estoria, poet, speaker and author. From the outset, they admit that rest and self-care aren’t something of a luxury – rather, they’re essential.

“It’s not about“ you need to heal, ”“ you need rest, ”says Estoria. “All of these are really the beautiful things and the motivation and encouragement we all need. But first, the start of a breakthrough you need is to remind people, ‘you know, you deserve a break, don’t you? Like, you know, you absolutely deserve to be healed. You deserve to take care of yourself. ”

Photo: Arielle Estoria and Lauren Ash

Realizing your worth is one way to rebrand yourself. And based on information on community sourcing from Well + Good staff, we have found a few other terms to describe the true meaning of taking care of yourself.

How do you define self-care? Below, we explore 3 other terms that describe it

1. Autism

Self-care is sometimes considered a quick fix to help you feel comfortable during this time. However, it could simply mean allowing yourself time to do the everyday tasks that energize you.

Zoe Weiner, fitness and beauty editor, said: “Recently I have started cooking and I feel like now the art of preparing meals has become an important part of self-care. my self. “[Accessing self care has] understand what makes me feel good and also understand when I need to spend that time with myself and do them. And different days can mean different self-care practices ”.

2. Self-discipline

“Self-care is the kind that crosses the fine line between self-discipline but also listening to yourself because, you know, sometimes I listen to myself, I say, ‘I don’t want to mess whatever it is today – I just want to sit on the couch, and I know that won’t make me feel good, ”says editor-in-chief Jess Freedman.

That’s why she admits movement is a major pillar of her self-care routine. “I think it’s really hard to think of yourself in a bad place, but I find it easier when you change your physical space, when you move,” she said. “That always puts me in a better head space.”

3. Self-comforting

“You take care of yourself in such a way that if your best friend has a bad day, you say“ here, these are the things you love and make you feel happy, ”said Saanya Ali, partner of the project. editorial judgment said. “Do it for yourself when you need it – you are the only one you have, so be there for yourself.”

And of course, you can always argue that taking care of yourself, in its purest form, is an act of courage. It’s not easy for many of us to prioritize ourselves – and certainly perks like time and money can affect or be able to take care of ourselves. But when you create space to rest in the middle, it definitely asserts your strength and that takes daring.

“If my heart tells me, ‘Look, Lauren, you know, you need to rest now,’ then the most courageous and compassionate thing I can do is move things around in his life to honor that, ”Ash said. “And it’s not always convenient. It’s not always easy. But again, if we’re committed to transformation, it’s our mental responsibility to go in that direction. “

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