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How does Rootmeta optimize the social approach of Web3 – IHUB Partner Press Releases

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08/04/2022, Tallinn // KISS PR Brand Story PressWire //

The existing social system needs to be reformed

People accustomed to to the centralised Web2 social platforms like Twitter, Youtube for a long time, which broungt us convenient method for internet social. Yet as grewth of the greed for market expansion, these platforms indulged in a desire to build control over users’ data and creation.

During the process ownership of accounts and works were silently ignored and restricted, while users’ privacy data on the platterform unwittingly became the means of production in the platforms’ commercialisation plan without gaining the benefits they deserved.

In the wave of web3, web3 users are increasingly dissatisfied with the old online social systems and chaos social ecology, and they want some change broungt by a new product, a new social ecology where the privacy is valued as intended, users can get rid from the trouble of fake news from anonymous identity.

Rootmeta attempt to change the situation

As the innovation in cryptoworld booms, Rootmeta has read the call from early explorers, builders and newcomers. The team of Rootmeta (https://app.rootmeta.xyz/) determined to build a safe and easy trusting social ecosystem, based on the function of communication tools, integrated with decentralised technology and the spirit of Dao.

The basis for trust-building in the social network stems from breaking the barriers of information opacity.A TVI (Total Value Island) is designed for the disclosure of personal on-chain assets, which are collected and displayed on each user and communities’ profile through the crypto wallet, become as proof of DID identity.This makes it easier for Individual explorer to Observe if someone is consistent with words and deeds or not and find the most reliable and valuable Influencer and info.

User experiences from two perspective show you how to link more credible crypto world in Rootmeta

Users and communities are the main roles involved in the experience and communication of the on-chain ecosystem. I will show you how to connect the on-chain communication through Rootmeta and explore the future meta-verse from these two perspectives.

As personal unser: obain a free, rich and easy social life at Rootmeta

(1) Easily log in the site with any crypto wallet and to creat your own island or land on any other island which attracts you. There is also no need to worry about harassing messages sent from unconsious-click pages. You’ll get a clean and pure social space and can concentrate on your interests or interacting with friends.

(2) Freely and smoothly swich to other applications in the crypto world through Rootmeta, while chatting with friends and community. No cumbersome clicking to switch pages. No risk of phishing sites.

For community leader: Harnessing the power of community building and sharing

If someone who wishes to extend their influence, they need to fully demonstrate the authenticity of their experience, by showing asset lists or other on-chain badges and markers to prove the authenticity of their experience.

For the founder and leader of the community, Rootmeta offers a variety of tools in the community management to meet the needs of the communicate and carrying out various group tasks in the virtual space. And also designed leaderboard to help them to attract like-minded follower and builders into community, maximisethe enthusiasm of community- building, increase the influence of the community.

And community benefits distributed back to members is also encouraged in the Rootmeta. Rootmeta has set up a NFT as community incentives to encourage the community to create together and improve the TVI ranking. Top 500 of the leaderboard will be rewarded with NFT and other benefits in the future.


Rootmeta is still a rare and bold attempt in the social market today, which integrates the function of traditional social tools with the features of crypto production, still at the beginning of journey to building. But at least it has already shown a true user-friendly intention and determination to clean up the online-social environment. Such a multi-functional social product needs more and more voices from user to help them optimise from the feedback. The future development of product and team is worth looking forward to. Let’s wait and see what will happen.

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