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How HubSpot colors help build a CRM that customers love

At HubSpot, customer experience is a top priority. Always.

Whether our marketing team is choosing when to send an email or our web team is choosing the size and placement of a button on our homepage, the question we always come back to is: “Is this a good experience for our customers? “

As a HubSpot Product Manager, this customer-first principle is my guide when developing products. And that’s why we don’t buy technology when we want to deliver a new product to our customers. We build it.

This first construction method is becoming increasingly rare in our industry. Traditional SaaS companies tend to acquire other companies when they want to significantly expand their product offerings or rapidly increase their customer base. This can sometimes lead to a rapid increase in revenue – when one company buys another, after all, it attracts all of its customers – but it’s often a very negative experience for the customer. row.

When two completely different systems are combined after the acquisition, the burden of getting them to work together falls on the customer. Each company can take a completely different approach to product development, resulting in different underlying technology, different processes, and different user interfaces.

Reconciling these differences without causing friction for customers is an almost impossible task. And as SaaS companies adopt this approach over time, friction will increase, technical debt will gradually increase, and as a result, customer experience declines.

This approach deals with the company that does it, not the customers it has to serve. That’s why we make things different at HubSpot. After all, we don’t have to run after the crowd.

Instead, when most companies are doubling down on the old offshore instruction process, we are in favor of the domestic approaches. When most businesses wondered if remote work could work, we saw HubSpotters working from home. press two digits long before 2020 forcing everyone to join hands. And while our industry is still heavily focused on channels, we’ve embraced it flywheel.

Is different. It’s in the HubSpot DNA. It’s even reflected in our corporate mission: we help organizations grow better. Not growing according to the status quo. Don’t grow by following old books. Develop better.

Just as we believe there is a better way to grow upWe also believe there is a better way to build. That’s where the Primaries come in.

Meet the primary colors

Our approach to product development is very simple, and it allows us to create double benefits for our customers that no other CRM platform offers. We focus on five all-encompassing foundations of our products, and we strive to improve each one. Those factors are: Automation, Content, Data, Messaging and Reports. We call them “Primary Colors”.

Each of our Centers – CMS Center, Marketing Center, Sales Center and Service Center – includes a different blend of five Primaries, meaning every product on our platform are all built on the same basic foundation.

So when the product team appeared to work on a daily basis, the question we asked ourselves was not “What Hub or feature will we be working with today?” It was: “What primary color will we enhance?”

Therefore, when we add value to a HubSpot region, it is automatically added across the entire CRM platform. And that allows us to continually provide a great deal of joy to all of our customers.

Here are three ways this approach allows us to deliver unique value to our customers in the crowded CRM market:

first. Continuous improvement across the entire platform.

“HubSpot is the perfect tool, always improving marketing software” – evaluated on G2

The same Five Primaries will be built into each HubSpot product, so as we improve one Primer, we improve every Hub. And every customer of every HubSpot product sees benefits immediately, no matter what platform they use.

For example, when we invest in making Reporting in the Sales Center more robust, this robustness will emerge across all Reporting tools on the HubSpot CRM platform. Therefore, Marketing Center customers who use our Reporting tool benefit, Service Center customers who use our reporting tool benefit, as do Center customers. marketing – it’s all because we have invested in improving just one Primary Color.

2. Easy to apply new products.

“We were rapidly adopting the Pro Sales Center and Enterprise Marketing to our growing needs. It was one of the best decisions we made ”- evaluated on G2

Since all our Centers are built on the same Primaries platform, our customers can expect a familiar, fast and friendly user experience each time they add a feature, or New products on its technology stack. This means customers can enjoy the benefits of each new addition instantly without wasting time training, integrating or frustrating about the new system.

As HubSpot co-founder, Dharmesh Shah, says: “The customer fun time is reduced.”

Once a customer learns how to use Automation in the Marketing Hub, they immediately know how Automation works in all HubSpot products on the CRM platform. So as their companies scale and add new products, features, and integrations into their technology systems, they can expect consistency, not complexity.

They don’t have to re-learn how Messaging works or how Data is stored every time they add a new Hub – something they will probably have to do if they’re working with a collaborated system. through acquisitions or if they use different tools for different customer contact groups.

3. The ability to run an entire business on a single platform.

“I can manage website, CRM, email marketing and all my other efforts in one place. This allows me to have a single place for all my Data Reports and a single source of truths ”- evaluated on G2

With HubSpot, fast-growing companies can run their entire business on a single system, because HubSpot provides equal insights and power to marketers, sales staff and service professionals.

And when all teams at a company are working on the same familiar system, silos collapse, data is centralized, and information flows freely. The entire team has access to equally valuable insights, allowing them to understand their customers better and delivering a seamless experience across every touch point.

For example, when a company’s marketing team uses the Marketing Center and their sales team uses the Sales Center, both teams have access to the same customer data in a centralized CRM. . And because both Centers provide identical functionality for recording and storing Data, accessing not only the data created by them but also the Data generated by the other team becomes easy. same.

This gives marketers and salespeople an overview of customers, allowing each of them to tailor their tactics and personalize their approach. If a potential customer shows a particular interest in marketing content for a certain feature, the sales team can view this information in the shared CRM and will know how to focus on that feature in the conversation. Their next call with potential customers.

They don’t need to wait for a marketing report or rely on an impersonation scenario – they can personalize their reach and focus on potential customer specific areas of interest, all of them. are the result of both Centers being built on the same foundation.

Build differences, develop better

The challenges companies face in 2021 are new, so our approach to building products also needs to be new. With the rise of combined workplace, we all see our work lives interspersed with our home and home lives. That raises the bar of what we expect from business software.

People use HubSpot to power their businesses, feed their families, help their communities grow, and in many cases, to make the world a better place.

Now it’s more important than ever that our CRM platform experience is like something you’ll be using on the weekend, not just on Monday mornings.

That’s why we are strongly committed to building powerful enterprise-grade software combined with consumer-level visualization and a delightful experience as delivered by apps that all we use in our personal lives.

At HubSpot, our bar is set by what our customers need, not what our competitors have done over the decades. With the five Primaries powering our foundation and our unwavering commitment to never compromise on the customer experience, we’re excited to continue helping our customers grow. better in 2021 and beyond.

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