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How Korean soldiers and YouTube motivated a popular K-Pop girl group – The Diplomat

In early 2021, Brave Girls was ready to take a break from activities. After 10 years of trying to make a big splash in the crowded K-pop market, overcoming member changes and other setbacks, the four-member girl group has finally had enough. But then, almost overnight, the group went cataed topped the charts, all thanks to a viral video featuring one of their old songs.

On February 23, YouTube channel 비디 터 VIDITOR posted one composite video Brave Girls performed their 2017 track “Rollin” at various events for those doing their mandatory military service in the Korean military. The video has been covered with various comments from the concerts, mainly from former soldiers recalling how popular the song was during their service.

The video went viral, people flocked to listen to the song on streaming services, and on March 14, the girls went viral. won Their first weekly music show awards, a decade after their debut. In the two months since it was posted, the original comment video now has 17.3 million views and continues to grow.

The team is capitalizing on their success story, in the end launched Their own official YouTube channel this week, appearing on featured TV shows and YouTube programmeand signed for confirmation deal for a video game and chicken franchise, as well as snack, clothing and cosmetic companies.

Part of the apparent success story is due to the military service members the group has carried out over the years and their resurgence has been attribution to the Millboard chart – a play on Billboard and the military, describing songs that resonated among the members who served. Now in interviews, members regularly special thanks Both video uploaders and all service members supported them and are now celebrating their success. The most pinned comment on the original video from VIDITOR is the message from Brave Girls member Yujeong, thanking everyone for their interest and strength to continue their career development.

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Indeed, in the original YouTube clip that sparked this comeback, many of the comments gathered were from those who completed military service reminiscing about the song’s popularity among soldiers. Many people recalled that seniors deliberately taught the song and its choreography to the rookie, who would surpass it one after another. “Seriously, this song has been like a tonic throughout my military life,” Written one commented. “There’s something inexplicable in this song that gives you strength.”

But while those who served in the military played a huge role in Brave Girls’ success, their return also reflected more broad sentiment in Korea. Many people see this possible return empathetic with the group’s poor story, and finding hope in the fact that they are achieving success after 10 years of struggling.

For young people in Korea, who face high unemployment and underemployment, housing crisis, and the low marriage and birth rate are partly due to the financial burden of raising a family, the idea that maybe having light at the end of the long tunnel to work hard is particularly appealing. “Because of your age, you might think, ‘Can I start my dream now?’ I hope you don’t have those thoughts, ”group member Yujeong to speak in a recent interview.

What’s more, the story of the underdog is resonating especially right now among pop fans, as accusations of bullying and improper behavior revolve around a the list is growing of favorite actors and singers. With the betrayal of these stars, the public took it seeing for the more “worthy” stars who worked hard and got everything right, but never got the same level of recognition – and they found new heroes in the Brave Girls.



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