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How much should I pay if I have investments?

If you have net interest income of more than 100,000 pesos, you must file your tax return by May 31, 2021.

April 14, 2021

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The Tax Administration (SAT) has announced that the deadline for filing annual profit corresponding to 2020 until May 31, 2021, so you still have time to prepare.

The tax return must show all earnings and pay a mortgage, These include the investments you have.

But how much to pay tax ? Have they been detained? What if the profits I have are fixed or variable income? If you have financial investments or plan to invest, here’s what you should know about annual returns.

Who Must Submit an Investment Report?

In general, the people who derive their return on investments are individuals and they must file a repayment claim last year if they had income from the interest (interest) they got from their financial instruments last year. main.

Those who have achieved really interested income over 100,000,00 pesos and withholding was applied to the above income, pursuant to Article 150 of the Income Tax Law.

Your tax return must show all your earnings and taxes payable, these include the investments you have / Photos: Depositphotos.com

How much tax is payable?

It may vary depending on the type of investment. Income Tax Law states that withholding will be made at a rate of 20% on interest (or nominal interest).

For example, if you have investments in government debt instruments, such as CETES Corresponding income tax is withheld by the entity itself or the legal entity.

In this market there are government debt instruments such as CETES, Bondes, Udibonos and BPAS. Each person has its own characteristics.

If you have investments in the Forex market, also known as Forex, the gains that cover the profit from the exchange are classified as taxable accrued interest.

In a statement, venture capital fund Wortev pointed out that there is an option under the law. As an investor, you can choose to take the initial balance of your investment at the beginning of the fiscal year along with reinvested interest and the coefficient is calculated using the SAT.

What if I have a portfolio?

The most advanced investors can diversify their portfolios using variable and fixed income tools. For the most part, profits earned from investments will pay taxes proportionally according to its value, such as stock mix, debt, currency, etc.

And pay the dividend how much?

Profits from the sale of shares in companies listed on the Mexico Stock Exchange are tax free. However, dividend income is taxable.

Dividends are income from profits divided by companies to their shareholders. This income is taxable for both legal entities (companies) and individuals.

In this case, calculating how much tax will be charged can be more complicated. The maximum rate they may be taxed is 42%, including taxes on individuals and entities.

It should be remembered that this tax is aimed at large investors who have additional income from other activities.



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