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How Reid Heidenry Became a Top Agent for ONE Sotheby’s Miami Beach – IHUB Partner Press Releases

Reid Heidenry is an estate agent with
ONE Sotheby’s International Realty. Photo courtesy Reid Heidenry / Thomas Herd

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Becoming one of the most successful real estate agents under the age of 40 is no easy feat, and Reid Heidenry has done just that. For the past 15 years, he has been an agent in Miami Beach with the esteemed ONE Sotheby’s International Realty.

He started in the industry in his early twenties and said it was challenging to be taken seriously. Now, after a decade and a half, Heidenry credits much of his success to his perseverance and discipline.

Heidenry claims he is one of the biggest fans of Miami you will ever meet.

“If I could buy stock in Miami, I would, and buying real estate here is buying stock in Miami,” says Heidenry. “I sell what I believe in.” He equates his time in Miami to a love affair. “I came to visit a college down here when I was 16, and I knew from then that I wanted to be here.”

As for the future of the city, Heidenry calls Miami a young city and one that has a tremendous amount of room to grow. The pandemic gave people from other areas that extra push that they needed to migrate south, and others from all over the country are following suit and businesses begin opening offices in the Magic City.

When Heidenry is not working, he enjoys spending time at places like The Standard Spa and Socialista Lounge. He enjoys being social and spending time with people, making connections. He also enjoys going out on a boat with friends and “enjoying Miami for what it is.” 

When asked to give advice to his younger self, Heidenry said, “take time for self reflection but enjoy the present moment.” He says that everything he has been through has landed him where he is now, and he is excited about the future of his business.

To get in touch with Reid regarding real estate, contact him here. Follow his Instagram to get an inside look at his life and all the best things about Miami.

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