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How Somavedic reduces EMF, EMR and harmful energy sources in your home

How to protect yourself from EMR and harmful energy sources in your home

IIn recent years, a growing body of research has shown that if you want to achieve the highest level of health and well-being you can get, it’s extremely important to take steps to protect your muscles. can be cured the amount of harmful electromagnetic radiation is increasing and the environmental stressors that our modern technologies and lifestyles are spreading into the spaces and places we live, work and sleep.

Whether you are aware of it or not, every second of every day, your body is bathed in a sea of ​​unhealthy electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted from cell phones, wi- fi, computer, wiring in walls, cells. towers, and more. All of these disrupt the functioning of your cells, nervous system, and brain, contributing to significant levels of stress and inflammation in the body and its immune system.

And while it’s intriguing to think that this only happens when you’re out in the world or in urban areas, researchers have consistently found that often at home, where people are exposed to levels of This is the most harmful to this health of electromagnetic radiation.

The places where we spend most of our time relaxing and rejuvenating are often where our bodies are most stressed out due to the impact of EMR-emitting technologies such as wi-fi, cell phones, home appliances. and old wiring. in the home.

How to protect yourself from indoor EMR and restore optimal health

Thankfully, there are a lot of researchers and engineers working on the solution to the problem as well as those working on it. And even better news is that over the past few decades, a number of powerful, cutting-edge technologies have been developed to eliminate the effects of EMR, protect the nervous system from stress, and help restore optimal function of the body. body.

Some of the best of these devices are not only about protecting and restoring health, but also have extremely beneficial effects on consciousness, mood, sleep, meditation and well-being. your peace of mind.

However, not all of these devices are created equal and are part of our mission at Conscious Lifestyle Magazine to help people reach the highest levels of health and consciousness, We have tested a multitude of technologies over the years to help discover the most effective ones.

We’ve recently come across something that we feel is a breakthrough in this space: Somavedic.


Tried many devices over the years with claims to help reduce the impact of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) and radiation (EMR) and improve well-being, we have a good handle on what works and what hype . When we got Somavedic hands on last month, we were impressed.

First of all, unlike many devices, Somavedic has solid research behind it, showing that it basically helps to protect against the negative effects of EMF / EMR, increases calmness and has a positive effect on stress and the biological markers of blood health, this is a It is important to verify that the effect of a device is not only a placebo but actually has a significant effect.

Second, from the moment we plugged in Somavedic, we could be right away feel Its calming effect on our bodies and minds. For a few seconds after turning it on, it feels like our nervous system is wrapped in a soft and soothing blanket that helps to dissipate tension and tension. That night we slept deeper for many months, with more vivid dreams, waking up refreshed and rejuvenated, even though it was more than 50 feet away on the other side of the house. This is because Somavedic generates a large harmonic field that spans 100 feet in any direction, providing coverage for sizable homes.

The following days, we noticed that our meditation deepened, we felt calmer and happier, and that our stronger and more resilient bodies to ordinary things would cause. we stress.

All these benefits match effects reported by the vast majority of Somavedic users:

+ Improve sleep and feel calm
+ Reduce headaches and stress
+ Better mood, boost energy and feel more secure
+ Reduces inflammation, reduces the level of free radicals
+ Reduce symptoms of electrical sensitivity

How it works

From the very beginning, we were interested Exactly how Somavedic works; And if you’re like us, you probably have a long list of questions about this. To learn all about how this new device completely upgraded our lives, we interviewed one of the key people on their team who worked closely with the founder and thoroughly. of excellence behind the product.

In short, Somavedic technology works by creating a tighter, natural environment to trigger self-healing in the body and mind. Inside Somavedic’s gorgeous outer glass panel is a disc comprised of specific minerals, crystals and elements that are charged and strengthened by the shape of the glass for the healing and protective properties of these These minerals, crystals and elements are greatly amplified to create a protective, rejuvenating health field in the interior of your home around the appliance. This bio-aided environment protects you at the cellular level from the undesirable effects of electromagnetic frequency (EMF), viruses, mold, free radicals, and geological stress.

These effects are very pronounced; In fact, Somavedic is used in physician offices and therapeutic spaces around the world, with physicians reporting increased energy, concentration and productivity, as well as a positive impact on disease. multiply.

And after having it in our space for the past few months, we can understand why: this is one of the few devices that actually works, and you can really feel the impact. to your health and consciousness.

Different types of Somavedic devices

Depending on your budget, the size of your space and the intensity of the effects you’re looking for, there are different types of Somavedic devices to choose from to suit your needs. Each Somavedic model is made from different types of hand-blown glass and crystals, which are combined and configured in a variety of ways to serve a specific purpose and produce a wide range of desired benefits. Here’s a brief overview of three of our favorite options, and you can Find more information about individual Somavedic products on their website here.

Somavedic Medic Green Ultra

One of our favorites is model Medic Green Ultra because it incorporates several benefits including the ability to structure water to improve hydration and is designed to be most popular. This lush green beauty can handle the harmony between space and water anywhere. It removes the effects of 3G, 4G, 5G, EMF, geological stress, viruses, bacteria, parasites, molds and free radicals. The case is made of hand-blown yellow glass that glows softly and fanciful when plugged in.

Somavedic tourists

Depending on how much you travel, this option might be best for you. Somavedic traveler is a godsend for those who have to travel long distances by car or spend a lot of time in hotels or co-working spaces with many people. This is the most compact version, can be plugged in arbitrarily and can be easily put in a wallet or pair. Although it does not have the ability to structure water, it eliminates influences from EMF, geological stress, viruses, bacteria, parasites, and free radicals.

Somavedic tourists

Somavedic Medic Amber

This Somavedic model is a biological spoiler ‘s dream come true. It can easily remove influences from many factors of environmental stress, including strong electrodes, EMR and EMF. Perfromance of the Medic Amber It’s four times bigger than the Medic Green Ultra, making it a great choice for larger spaces and high-energy places, such as apartment buildings, workplaces, and spaces. offices, shops, hotel halls and electric cars.

Somavedic amber

Other Somavedic models

While we mentioned some of our favorite Somavedic versions, there are a total of eight models to choose from, including a fully customizable option, Medic Gold, made on demand. and your specific area of ​​focus. Therefore, we encourage you to take the time to explore which option works best for you.

To try Somavedic for myself, Use code CLMCALM10 to get a 10% discount of all Somavedic products.Somavedic.com

This article is a sponsored post written in collaboration with Somavedic, whose products and properties adhere to Conscious Lifestyle Magazine’s strict principles of quality and integrity.



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