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How to Age Well, According to Norma Kamali

BWhen I was 19 years old, my mother said to me, “Happy birthday, Norma! It all goes downhill from here ”. At that time, I believed she was right. But as more and more birthdays passed, and my life began to fuss with new possibilities, I started to think differently. Not only in my 20s, but in the decades that followed, I have found ways to feel energized, fulfilled, creative and healthy at all ages.

Now, in my 70s, I’m working hard to challenge the notion of destructive and unnecessary “anti-aging”. My new book, I am invincible, set out to explain aging and longevity in a positive way. After all, your ability to reach your potential has no expiration date. My goal is to alleviate the stress on aging and, instead, come up with another pathway: aging by power through sleep, diet and exercise.

Whether you’re young, old, or somewhere else, I invite you to consider a few provocative questions: What if life gets better with age? And if you feel confident that you are will better with age, how will you choose to live? Forward, my advice to grow and feel relevant at every decade of your life.

Tips to prolong the life of your 20s

Life right now is exciting – your career is growing, your social circles are expanding and you are figuring out who you are. Now is the time to establish healthy habits that will help you thrive in the coming decades. Establishing a regular exercise routine will keep your energy high, so if you don’t already have an exercise regimen you love, give it a try! Take a new class, join a local sports tournament or find a buddy to exercise – anything that inspires you to keep your body healthy. That said, making healthy food choices doesn’t just give you immediate pleasure; it also helps you in the long run. Eat right. (I personally thrive on a plant-based diet.)

Enjoy a late night here and there, but don’t make night-watchers a habit.

Last, but perhaps most importantly: Many in their 20s don’t think sleep is that important. But rest is a must if you want to feel your best at work, in relationships, in everything. If you go out all weekend and skip ZZZ, you won’t be able to make up on Monday or Tuesday. You have missed that sleep – it is gone! By all means, enjoy a late night here and there, but don’t make those who stay awake a habit.

Tips to prolong the life of your 30s

When you turn 30, expectations tend to increase. You may wonder if your career is on the right track, or if your love life is as fulfilling it should be. If things don’t look what you imagine, it will be easy to feel like everyone has their own life. Guess what: They don’t. Nobody have it all together at the age of 30. I promise you, life is not over you!

No one has it all together at the age of 30.

This is why it is so important to go against comparing yourself to others. Instead, start interacting with them. Face to face. Skin touches skin. Especially after past year of isolation, connecting closely with others will reconnect you with the joys of solidarity and community. Look for nurturing relationships that include good, honest, and accepting conversations. The same goes for your relationship with yourself. When you treat yourself with love and respect, you will attract a lot of love and respect from others. If you internalize this belief in your 30s, it will serve you well for years to come.

Tips to prolong the life of your 40s

Your 40’s is a great decade. This is why. When you are in your forties, you know who you are and you are making things happen. You have expertise, confidence, and some inner wisdom. (And you can make money from that too!)

Your 40’s is a great decade.

It was also a time of change. At some point you will go in Premenopausal, with all the physical and emotional changes that come with that. Here, you’ll want to strengthen your diet / exercise / sleep strategy. No matter how horrible you feel or how hot you are, exercise improves your mood and physical state. You may need to change your training type, but don’t stop moving! I also recommend that you stop drinking caffeine and alcohol. Both affect hormones and you are undergoing hormonal changes. Why incorporate something that has influenced your feelings?

Tips to prolong the life of your 50s

During this decade, you may begin to perceive your age in unexpected ways. For example, maybe you’ve successfully earned money from your career skills, but some employers think your experience is too expensive. Or perhaps you and your partner have been apart for many years. Instead of sticking to the old habits by default, use this opportunity to think about if you still want what you used to want. Maybe it’s time to change careers, or maybe you and your partner need to negotiate ways to get your relationship back to normal.

This is the decade to reassess and reinvent.

This is the decade to reassess and reinvent. You’ve hit critical personal milestones – education, relationships, parenthood – so it’s time to discover who you are now. The change process is rarely easy, especially if it’s a long overdue date. But by pursuing the life you want, you will create a future like this.

Tips to prolong the life of your 60’s and beyond

The great thing about being at the age of 60 is that you have an abundance of wisdom. You have a lot of common sense (another name for life experience!) And your purpose in life is very clear. That’s what you have to do throughout this decade. That’s the real reason you’re here.

Reject the misconception that getting older means you are no longer suitable.

During this decade, health problems arose more often. Some are genetic and we can’t change what’s in our genes. Others, however, can be avoided or controlled well through diet, exercise, and sleep. (Do you feel a pattern here?) I also encourage you to dismiss the misconception that getting older means you are no longer suitable or your best days are behind. Be open to new ideas and possibilities. For example, I never expected to meet my soul mate at the age of 65, but I was in an open mind, and he was also in that state of mind. Everything has fallen into place.

I’m in my 70’s now and it’s like an evolution compared to how I felt in my 60’s. I feel even better and more intense about my life and my purpose. For the 80’s and beyond? Give me a few more years to get there, but I feel confident that they will be unique. And if you care about yourself starting today – no matter what age you are! – so will you.

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