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How to Apply for a US Tourist Visa in Qatar (U.S. Nonimmigrant Visa)

Many readers, especially OFW in the Middle East, have asked me How do I sign up United States tourist visa in Qatar. To help them as well as other non-Filipino residents in Qatar, I wrote this guide. Read here on how you can get a B1 / B2 US Tourist Visa in Qatar.

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I will give you advice, especially during the interview, on how to apply for a US Tourist Visa. This guide will include step-by-step instructions, documents you can bring with you, and visa FAQs. I hope when you’ve finished reading, you know the steps and apply it confidently!

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Overview of US Tourist Visa in Qatar

Entry into force: up to 10 years

Where to apply: US Embassy in Doha, Qatar
Address: February 22, Al Luqta District, Doha, Qatar
phone number: 974-4496-6000
For appointments: + 974-4423-1248.

Step by step guide to applying for a US Tourist Visa in Qatar

STEP 1: Completed Form DS-160 (Application for nonimmigrant visa online). You can read our tutorial about How to fill out the DS160 form online.

STEP 2: Look up visa fee 160 USD, but you will pay in Qatar Riyal. Exchange rates may vary, so please update here. Read this link instructions on how to pay.

STEP 3: Schedule your appointment online or through their switchboard with the Embassy. You will need the following to be able to schedule your appointment:

  • Passport
  • The receipt number from your payment
  • DS-160 number (your 10-digit barcode number)

Form DS-160

STEP 4: On your appointment date, please visit the US Embassy in Doha. It would be better if you arrived 30 minutes early. Here are the documents you will need to bring with you:

  • Appointment letter
  • DS-160 confirmation page
  • A recent photograph (should be the same as the one you submitted on your DS-160)
  • Current and old passports
  • Resident ID Qatar / Iqama
  • Supporting documents (optional but can help you in case the Consulate requires)

STEP 5: The Consular Officer will interview you. You may be asked to present your supporting documents, so it’s better to be prepared. After the interview, you will be notified of the results of your application. If you are approved, please keep in mind the date your visa is ready for collection.

STEP 6: Return to the embassy to claim your passport with US Visa. Congratulations!

Documents you may need to bring with you to apply for a US Tourist Visa

There are no additional documents or specific supports that you should bring with you during the interview. Officials will ask you questions depending on your circumstances or answers. Some even encounter interviewers who do not require documents. But you better be ready, just in case!

1. Proof of financial means

  • Bank Statement / Certificate
  • Business Registration
  • Payslips
  • Employment certificate
  • Tax refund
  • Property ownership
  • In case you are sponsored by someone else, their financial documents

2. Travel itinerary

Rent a flight

3. No objection letter – from your Employer with your details like salary, title, etc. This is Format.

4. Qatar / Iqama residence permit

4. For students – school documents or certificates

5. In case you are visiting friends or relatives – US Passport, Green Card or their Residence Permit with proof of your relationship

Tips with your US Tourist Visa Interview

The interview is short, so you better make the most of it. Here are tips that may apply in your interview with an officer:

1. Dress properly– Look what you say you are. Dress your way – a student, an employee, etc. No need for a jacket and tie or an extravagant dress. Be sure not to wear sleeveless shirts, shorts or pajamas as you may not be allowed on embassy grounds.

2. Be confident and positive – Walk, smile, speak confidently. You can practice in front of the mirror before the interview. Think about positive thoughts. Remember the law of gravity.

3. Politeness is key – Be respectful of the interviewer and do not argue. In case you don’t understand or hear a question, a simple “Could you please repeat the question” is sufficient.

4. Less talk, less mistakes – don’t overshare, it’s better if you answer short questions and get to the point. For example, the interviewer asks you about your purpose to visit the United States – you could say it is for a visit, not that I go sightseeing and spend time with my boyfriend or friends. They will ask more questions about the people you are meeting, and you can spoil the interview, especially if the documents are not prepared.

5. Be honest Interviewers are trained to know if people are lying. Better yet, be honest during your interview as well as your DS-160 form. All the information is there; if you say you have a relative in the interview but did not say it on the form; then you may be rejected. Your interview is recorded as well, so don’t ignore these people.


FAQS Introduction US tourist visa

1. How much current money do i need it

It really depends on how many days you’re there and your itinerary, but I’m not quite sure how much you’ll need. You may or may not be asked for a bank statement.

2. What if my visa is denied? Is there a time limit when I can reapply?

Sign up again, with no limit.

3. Can the visa fee be refunded?

No, once you have paid you will not be able to get it back even though you will not pass your interview or application.

4. What could cause the Consulate to change my mind and issue my visa when applying again?

There needs to be a “substantial change” in your situation, whether it’s family, economic or social. For example, you did not have a source of income on your previous application, but you are employed / you currently have a business.

5. How long is the duration of the US Visa?

Depending on the Consulate, it can be from 3 months to 10 years. You will know the results after you claim your visa.

6. Do I have to travel insurance?

Not required, but I recommend it travel insurance.

How to apply for a United States Tourist Visa in Qatar
photo taken by James Kenny on Unplug

There’s our instructions on how to apply United States tourist visa in Qatar. In case you need more tips, you can read our article above 20 basic questions for the B1 / B2 US tourist visa interview. If you are not ready, you can also take advantage Visa application package service, have one on one travel training With me for your practice interview. Good luck!

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