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How to buy a bike online without regrets

THe plague the bike hot. As the public becomes wary of public transport and aspires to activities that comply with the social distance, online bicycle sales have increased (bike sales in April 2020 are 75 percent increase over April 2019). Combined with Delivery delayThat meant that a market for bicycles was immediately restricted. Now, the bike is back in stock. If you can’t own one by 2020, now is the time to shop. While a test drive may seem essential, it’s easy to find exactly what you want when buying a bike online. And you can do it with no regrets if you do your homework.

Before the pandemic, I’m not sure I’ve ever thought of buying a bike online. But as our entire lives go online, it just makes sense that the bike buying process will undergo a digital takeover. Retailers like Sixthreezero, Retrospec, and Public have made the process incredibly simple. But while you can get your dream bike delivered directly to your doorstep, it’s important to know that most bikes purchased online require some work. assembly section. Be prepared to build it yourself or pay your local bike store to do it for you. If you build your own bike, you should still bring it to a local bike store for a modification. Even if you follow the instructions to the T, an expert will be able to guarantee 100% safety

When you ride online, Eric Bjorling, brand marketing director now WalkAsk yourself a few questions to find out what kind of bike – road, hybrid, electric or mountaineering – is best for you before you start your search.

Things you should be wondering before buying a bike online

1. Where do you want to ride?

“Are you going to ride a horse in the city? On the paved trails? On the gravel? On the road? Maybe you will go on trails. That would narrow things down a bit, ”Bjorling said at a Trek Bike press event.

2. Why do you want to ride?

“Everyone has a different motivation for wanting to ride,” Bjorling said. “Some people just do general exercise, others replace a car or take short trips. There are so many different reasons people ride and when you find out why people want to do it, it can really help narrow things down. “

3. Which position do you feel most comfortable in?

“Some people are very comfortable in a more aggressive riding position,” he said. “Others want integrity and comfort comes first. And we have bicycles for all those types of riders. “

Once you’ve narrowed down the best bike for you and started your hunt, Dustin Gyger, CEO of Sixthreezero, say you want to make sure that the bike you get will fit your body. The fit has to take into account your height, length and arm length, he said. While the height of the seat and handlebars is adjustable, you need to make sure the frame fits properly. The website you are buying should list the height ranges for each bike and also share sizing instructions. Sixthreezero even has one Body Fit quiz That will match you with a number of options based on your body and what you’re looking for in a bike.

Derek Yarra, brand manager and marketing at Cycling the above category, says that even if you do your research, you should chat with an expert.

“When buying a bike online, it’s always best if you can really talk to someone about the bike,” says Yarra. “Although we sell a lot of bikes online, we spend a lot of time talking to each customer over the phone or by email to really understand their needs and buy them the right bike. . Today, consumers are becoming more and more proficient at doing research on the internet, but still there is no substitute for talking to an expert. We strive to provide the same level of service to our online clients as we do for those who come to our traditional studios. “

Where to buy a bike online

first. Brooklyn Bicycle Co., $ 550 to $ 900

Brooklyn Bicycle Co., buy bikes online

Brooklyn Bicycle Co. is the perfect place to look for stylish and sturdy city bikes. Priced from $ 550 to $ 900, Brooklyn Bicycle Co. sell people working in the city, crossbred, and walk through. You can get it Bike search puzzles to find the perfect bike for you. Funding through Affirm is available and you have 30 days to return or exchange a bike; Note that all returns and exchanges are subject to a $ 150 refund fee.

The picture above is Driggs 3 speed ($ 680). It’s a lightweight three-speed bike built to drive upright with your shoulders above your hips instead of leaning forward. It comes in two sizes (medium and large) and three colors (black, military blue, and denim blue).

Shop now: Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Driggs 3 Speed, $ 680

2. Sixthreezero, $ 330 to $ 2,400

Evryjourney 500W 7-speed hybrid electric bike

If you’re looking for a stunning bike and its functionalities, look no further than the Sixthreezero. This brand brings comfort bikes designed for recreational cyclists, incl mixture, cruiser, comfortable, go, tricycle, and tired. The hybrid and cruiser styles are also available electric model, that was amazing. Adult bicycles cost between $ 330 and $ 2,400. You can fund your purchases through Affirm. When you buy directly from Sixthreezero, you have 365 days to test your bike. If you don’t like it, you can return it without paying a replacement fee.

The photo above shows Evryjourney 500W 7-speed hybrid electric bike ($ 2,000). You can use it without batteries for a traditional ride, turn on pedal assist to help it move extra, or press down on the lever and let it do all the work for you without having to. bicycle. It comes in four colors: carmel-mauve (picture), yellow-coral, jade-gold and coconut-rose.

I have this bike and it is truly the most beautiful electric bike I have ever seen. Easy to use and extremely comfortable, it gives you the style of a retro bike with the functionality of an electric bike. While following very detailed video tutorials and paper manuals, it took me about two hours to build. But if you don’t want to build it yourself, just take it to a local bike shop, have them build it and email Sixthreezero with your order information and a copy of your receipt and you’ll to be refunded in full.

Shop now: Sixthreezero Evryjourney 7-speed hybrid electric bike 500W, $ 2,000

3. Retrospec, $ 220 to $ 460

Harper Bicycles commuting a speed Fixed Gear Urban, buy bikes online

Retrospec makes some of the best affordable recreational bikes available. Priced from $ 220 to $ 460, you’ll find single speed, city, sea ​​cruiser, and folding bicycles. Returns can be made within 50 days of purchase if in retail with original packaging with a shipping fee of $ 45.

Above you will see Harper Bicycle Fixed Gear urban speed ($ 349). It comes in matte black, sage green, and Atlantic blue. The one-speed bike is great because they are light. If you’re going to cycle in fairly flat terrain or don’t mind doing some extra work on steep hills, a one-speed bike can be a good option. But if you want a little more control, that one Other models of Retrospec may be more suitable.

I also have a Retrospec bike and it’s cool. It’s lightweight, making it a breeze to take it to my three-story apartment. Takes about an hour to build and is great to go.

Shop now: Retrospec Harper Bicycle Fixed Gear Urban a speed, $ 349

4. Schwinn, $ 270 to $ 4,900

Adult folding bicycle Schwinn Schwinn Loop

Schwinn has been building reliable bikes for over 125 years. Priced from $ 270 to $ 4,900, Schwinn brought along mixture, classic, electricity, folding bicycles, and more. You can return your bike for free in its unused condition within 30 days from the date of purchase.

The picture above is Adult folding bicycle Schwinn Schwinn Loop ($ 322). It’s a foldable seven-speed aluminum bike to fit in a nylon carrying case for easy storage. This is especially helpful if you live in a city apartment with limited parking space and will feel more comfortable storing your bike indoors than on the street.

Shop now: Adult folding bicycle Schwinn Schwinn Loop, $ 322

5. Public bicycle, $ 450 to $ 1,200

Public V1, buy bikes online

With prices ranging from $ 500 to $ 1,300, Bike Public sells great bikes to get you where you need to go. It sells walk through, single speed, bicycle speed range, and than. You can build your own bike for free shipping, pay $ 99 to get it assembled up to 99 percent, or spend more than $ 50 to get your bike fully assembled from one Public Bike partner pickup locations. You can return or exchange your bike within 14 days of purchase. If it is in new condition, you will get a full refund. Otherwise, you will receive a partial refund based on the market value of the returned bike.

In the picture is Publicity V1 ($ 450). It’s a low-maintenance, single-speed commuter bike designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday riding. It comes in two sizes, small / medium and medium / large. It comes in black and sage.

Shop now: Publicity V1, $ 450

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