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How to Create a Content Marketing Plan – Easy Tip! – sulonorth

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Every business selling services and products online should develop a content marketing plan. The most important thing in content marketing is creating content that really engages potential customers, brings more visitors to your website, and keeps potential customers on the site longer.

A content marketing plan helps a company focus on its content

Here are five tips for creating a content marketing plan:

  1. Know your customer!

One of the most important things when planning a content marketing plan is to carefully examine your own target customer base. Of course, the target customer depends on the product or service the company sells. For example, if a company sells trendy handbags, the target customers are probably young women interested in fashion. Content should then be designed to appeal to fashion-conscious young women. Knowing your own target customer base makes it easy to create content that is right for them and choose the right channels to market your content to customers.

2. Make sure to do keyword analysis

A good content marketing plan involves creating a keyword analysis to help you find the right keywords for your content. Let’s reuse this same handbag example. For example, a good article on a handbag website might tell you about how to take care of bags. Neil Patelin UbersuggestAccording to the website “Handbag storage”, the keywords are quite competitive and on a Finnish scale, monthly searches are huge. So it’s important to do keyword analysis as it will help you get good ideas for content production. If you are a small business owner, you may want to search for keywords with less competition but with a good monthly search volume. These keywords make it easier for you to rank higher in search engines.

3. Memorize pictures / videos and captions optimized for search engines

A good content marketing article has a high quality image (or better yet, a video or video). You should also optimize your images or video text for search engine optimization using keywords of your choice. High-quality images make the content more engaging when you market it on social media.

4. Marketing your content

This can be a matter of course, but once you’ve written the global article and published it on your website, it’s time to market it on social media. This is very important as it increases the visibility of the post. It can also be worthwhile investing in a Facebook campaign. Marketing on Facebook is affordable, and content finds a good target audience. Even 10 euros can achieve significant results.

5. Regularly create new content of the right length

The more quality content your website has, the better. With quality content, you can also get other sites to link to your page, which in turn increases your Page Ranks, thereby elevating your page higher in search results. Remember that a good SEO article is at least 400 words long. When creating keyword analysis, you should list the good keywords you find as well as the number of searches and their competition in one table, and plan your future content accordingly. Great if you create new content at least a few times a week. If you need help creating content, we are happy to help.



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