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How to feel more French

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of open francophile. And if you’re wondering what that means, it’s someone who loves France and the French way of life. So, to put it simply, it’s me! I love a lot about French culture – cuisine, a relaxed lifestyle that makes life more enjoyable, wine, the countryside. You name it, I love it. And if you’re reading this, you’re probably just like me. So here’s how to feel more French in six quick steps. Everything was tried and tested by me and quickly became a part of my lifestyle.

Learn languages

Many of you will know I learned French for the past month Rosetta stone. And if you are wondering how is it going? Very beautiful! I have visited France a few times, but my French skills have never improved significantly. And while learning a new language later is arguably more difficult, it’s certainly not impossible!

I have tried a few different language courses over the years and I can see why Rosetta Stone is ranked as the top language course provider in the world. Online lessons remind me to speak French, listen to French, write French, and read French. Believe me when I say it works!

How to become more French |  Learn French with Rosetta Stone

Practice less is more

This is a lifestyle choice that I have been trying to follow for the past eight years that I have spent around the world. I feel very peaceful knowing that everything I own can be packed into two suitcases. And that’s not just a personal preference – it’s part of the French lifestyle. This is especially true of Parisians living in small apartments and limiting their wealth to just the essentials. But it goes beyond that – have you ever noticed how French women wear less makeup and live a rather simple lifestyle? That is the definition of luxury très!

Paris Carette

Learn to make French pastries

Many of you will know my love for French pastries is very deep. For three consecutive years, I return to Paris every April to learn a new French baking skill. From macarons to croissants and even brioche, the list of delicious French pastries you can make is practically endless!

I recommend starting with something a bit simpler like the ecological staircase before navigating the macaron complexity. Trust me, I was there! But once you start learning the basics of French pastries, you can easily implement the more difficult techniques.

Visit a farmer’s market

Another way to feel more French is to walk to your local farmers market on Saturday and fill your linen grocery bags with all the fresh produce you can find! Local and organic shopping is a very important part of French culture and in cities like Paris it is part of everyday life. Like everything else in life, the French believe in quality over quantity and that’s certainly true of food.

Not only is food shopping important, but so is the art of eating! Forget about quick dinner stalls at your kitchen counter and replace them with long nights of socializing with friends or getting together with family. If you want to have a meal by yourself, make a record in the background or light some candles. You will be amazed when eating is more enjoyable when you actually take the time out of the day to turn them into an event.

Weekends in Stellenbosch

Pamper yourself

From impressive clothes to daily skincare routines, the French certainly know how to take care of themselves inside and out. My favorite nights are usually those in the tub with a glass of red wine and a good book in hand. But the truth is I only spend time on this once a week, what about other days of the week?

Establishing a healthy skincare routine is a great way to take care of your daily routine, feel great inside your skin and spend less time (and money) on makeup . After all, the French believe less is more! I incorporated both morning and night skincare routines into my daily routines and it helped me to set the start and end times of my workday.

Brooke Saward Book Club

Pick up a book

Reading is still a part of French culture, especially when you want to break through the pages of a good novel. You will notice this if you walk down any street in Paris and quickly discover small bookstores in almost every corner. And it’s not just the act of reading a book that the French are very fond of, but the fact that it forces you to slow down and take time for yourself. Whether you’re in the countryside on a summer vacation or just lounging on the armchair with a good book, reading is a great way to experience more of the French language. Registration World of Wanderlust book club for * really * book suggestions worth reading!

This post cooperates with Rosetta stone to celebrate my role as ambassador for their language program. All comments are my own!



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