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How to get a job in Montenegro as a Foreigner | [Work in Montenegro]

As you have seen on Kach’s blogs and videos, Montenegro is a young and relaxed European country. It’s a country that attracts more tourists than its current population. If you want to live here, what are your chances of getting hired? You can see how these sites will help you Looking for jobs in Montenegro.

Montenegro It’s great for those with an Entrepreneurial mindset because finding a job for foreigners is difficult. In addition, the pay rate is not competitive compared to other European countries. However, some companies provide non-Montenegro people to work and live here. Read below to learn more.

Immigration to Montenegro

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How to Find a Job in Montenegro | eHow.co.uk

Site language: Serbian / Montenegro

The official website of the Montenegro Employment Bureau is Zavod Za zapošljavanje. Its goal is to help the unemployed get a job as soon as possible. To see the vacancies, you go to “SRM”, that is Vacancies. There are many opportunities you can find here.

How to Find a Job in Montenegro | eHow.co.uk

Site language: Serbian / Montenegro

Another website where you can find jobs in Montenegro is Prekoveze.me. Even though the language is not English, they have partnered with thousands of employers. You can visit “Oglasi za Pasao” to view job listings.

How to Find a Job in Montenegro | eHow.co.uk

Site language: Serbian / Montenegro

Zaposli is a website that not only offers subscribers an opportunity, but companies can also select potential employees through their listings. This job agency portal has a lot of big companies advertising in it, especially hotels. You can look through the vacancies to know you are best suited for you.

How to Find a Job in Montenegro | eHow.co.uk

Site language: Serbian / Montenegro

Mali Oglasi is just like a newspaper ad; However, advertisements are seen online. You can find a job by searching “Incentives – JOB, ”Make sure they are located in Montenegro and not other countries. However, most of the jobs here require knowledge of the language of the country.

How to find jobs in Montenegro 02

Site language: Serbian / Montenegro

Upload your resume or find a job at the search bar in Careerjet.me. It’s an easy-to-use search engine for job seekers and recruiters. The site also operates in more than 90 countries worldwide.

How to Find a Job in Montenegro | eHow.co.uk

Site language: Serbian / Montenegro

This Crna Gora Media Doo is a media company that provides information about the country. If you want to see the latest job vacancies here, please visit “Market“(Market), then search”Work“(Job). Most of the jobs come from ZZZCG.

How to Find a Job in Montenegro | eHow.co.uk

Site language: Serbian

Although Jooble.org is primarily intended for US citizens, they also have a website designated for the Balkans, rs.jooble.org. To search for a job, it is better to type “Montenegro,“Montenegro in the local language. You will need to prepare your translator for this to understand the descriptions.

How to Find a Job in Montenegro | eHow.co.uk

Site language: English

One of the websites offering jobs in English here is Learn4good. However, this website is not specific to Montenegro, you can find jobs around the world. If you want to find a job in this Country, make sure the Job Position is filtered to “Montenegro.”

How to find jobs in Montenegro 03

Site language: English

Linkedin is one of the best platforms for professionals joining and applying for jobs. It connects professionals as well as candidates with future employers. It’s pretty easy too; Type “Montenegro” into position and you will find available jobs in the country. You can also upload your resume so that companies can view it.

10. Hotel website

If you do not want to go through employment agencies, you can go directly to the Website of the Hotel or Resort. Examples include PortoNovi, Regent Porto Montenegro, The Chedi Lustica Bay and Hotel Lazure. It is not recommended to choose the tourist season, from April to September, as hotels can be rented a few months in advance.

11. Notice in Newspaper

How to Find a Job in Montenegro | eHow.co.uk
photo taken by Tim Mossholder on Unplug

Site language: Serbian / Montenegro

Get your Google Translate ready as you look for work in your alma mater, through paperwork. You can buy newspapers from local shops or stalls and see advertisements or rentals.

12. Non-government sector

You can also check out the NGOs or Nonprofits websites in Montenegro. They may require workers depending on their goals or needs. One example is UNDP-Montenegro (United Nations Development Program), where you can come to work and apply there.

13. Websites of embassies in Montenegro

Another place to find work in Montenegro is the embassies. That’s an advantage if you’re a citizen of that embassy as there aren’t many language barriers. For United States Embassy in PodgoricaYou can check out this link. As for other embassies, you can go to this link.

How to find jobs in Montenegro 04

Language: English

For those of you workers are far away or have a special skill set, you can offer your services in this Facebook Group. There are many digital nomads here that can use your expertise like website development, virtual assistant, and much more. Just check out some of your posts or service offers!

15. Directly

If you are someone in need of a job, don’t be afraid to ask business owners if they are willing to hire. Who knows? You can be interviewed there and get an immediate position. You never know!

Disadvantages and Difficulties of life in Montenegro Downside of life in Montenegro
photo taken by Wladislaw Peljuchno on Unplug

Those are ways of ways Looking for jobs in Montenegro. It can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you don’t know the local language, but with hard work you can definitely find one that works for you. Good luck!

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