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How to line up to receive money to support homeowners

States are preparing to distribute nearly $ 10 billion in aid to homeowners that have been hit hard during the pandemic. So how is it possible The landlord is having trouble Line up for cash?

The Homeowners Assistance Fund, created by the latest COVID-19 bailout package, Provides allocation to states, territories, and tribes of the United States It is intended to prevent mortgage delinquency, foreclosure, utility shutdown and other problems for vulnerable homeowners.

To qualify, homeowners must have lower income and financial hardship, such as job loss or heavy healthcare costs, after January 21, 2020. Unlimited Assistance For mortgage borrowers: homeowner’s affiliate fees, internet service and other charges may qualify.

While states are still designing their HAF programs and it may take several months to start distributing aid, homeowners can locate themselves now to get in on the action, said the housing advocate.

Mortgage borrowers who are struggling and have not yet spoken to their loan service staff should place that call right away. Find out if you qualify for a temporary ban that suspends your payments, a loan modification that might reduce your monthly payment or other options. “You would be in a better position to access state money if you contacted your bartender,” said Julia Gordon, president of the National Community Stability Foundation. Non-profit works to protect neighborhoods from disaster.

Borrowers and services also need to focus on long-term solutions now to avoid “chaos” in the fall, said Diane Thompson, a senior adviser at the Consumer Finance Protection Department. when a wave of borrowers in difficulty appeared.

David Dworkin, CEO of National Housing Conference, says when communicating with your waiter, “take everything down”. “And keep those records.”

Create a file that includes any proof of the pandemic’s impact on your financial situation, such as dismissal notices, unemployment insurance earnings, and income documents, Dworkin said. in advance of your COVID.

For more help, contact a housing advice agency approved by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. These agencies will work to support eligible homeowners in the HAF program. The CFPB provides a tool to help you find a counselor in your area.



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