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How to lower your energy bill while working from home – Beth Owen

For many people working from home during the winter due to recent door lock restrictions, it is important to consider the additional costs this could cause. While you can save money by not having to work, spending more time at home can increase your energy costs, especially during winter. To avoid seeing a spike in your utility bill, here are some energy-saving methods to follow.

Wrap warm

Working from home doesn’t require a strict dress code, so take advantage of this to your advantage by wrapping warmly in layers. Instead of increasing the temperature while wearing a T-shirt, put on a jumpsuit, a cap and a pair of smooth socks. You can even put a thick blanket over your legs, but don’t forget to keep it out of view for any video calls.

Central heating settings

Be realistic when booking your heating schedule. If you try to work without central heating all day, you probably won’t be able to turn it on randomly whenever you’re too cold. It’s hard to keep track of how much energy you’re using without an exact schedule and you might be using more than intended.

For more control over your heating settings, install an intelligent thermostat, which makes it easier to track your usage and identify where you can save. You can also heat individual rooms, such as your home office, and keep the rest of your property cool with smart zoning. This feature can save up to 40% on your central heating bill.

Update your boiler

Inefficient boiler operation leads to higher energy bills. To make sure equipment works properly, arrange a qualified engineer for annual maintenance. When boilers near the end of their estimated lifespan of 15 years or requiring constant repairs, replacing them is usually more cost effective.

All the newly equipped boilers are condenser, which means they can achieve an energy efficiency of over 90% and a reduction of £ 200 in annual energy bills.

Draft of evidence

If you have trouble keeping your home office warm due to unwanted room air circulation, invest in drafts that eliminate drafts. First, determine where the drafts occur. Most drafts seep through windows and doors, which you can easily remove by placing the draft protectors over any gaps. Installing thick curtains can also help retain heat, but try not to let them cover the radiator.

Use natural light

When working from home, you can use more artificial light than usual, which will be another factor in your growing energy bill. To limit this usage, keep curtains open during the day to let in daylight and naturally brighten and warm the room.

However, if your workspace is not exposed to natural light, invest in LED bulbs to reduce your annual energy bill by around £ 40. Also, remember to turn off lights when you leave. out of room to save an extra £ 15.

Do not fill warm

If you want to make a cup of hot tea or coffee to get you through your day at work, avoid filling the kettle with enough warmth when you only need one full cup. Boiling just the amount of water you need can save you around £ 6.

Winter is usually the most expensive time of the year, with Christmas gift purchases and greater need for central heating. On top of that, working from home unexpectedly can increase your utility bills, but you can minimize this financial impact by using home energy wisely.



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