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How to make a cold beer at home + What is it and other frequently asked questions

The type of beans you choose really depends on your taste. For the chocolate note, Schein suggests a medium roast from Central America. For a fruity flavor, try lightly roasted African coffee beans. “Lighter roasts are brighter and may not be as attractive,” Schein said. “The taste will be very interesting – maybe you’ll get some fruit and lemon flavors.”

The way you soak alcohol can also alter the taste. There’s no right or wrong way to soak them, but some people choose to leave them at room temperature for 12 hours, which will create a better palate with more chocolate notes, according to Schein. Meanwhile, soaking in the refrigerator will result in cleaner and brighter notes.

However, it’s really all about hobbies. Try a variety of pickling and bean methods (included decaf, if that’s your thing) until you find your favorite.



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