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How to nail polish thin when it floats: 5 expert tips

Sticky polishing is a fairly common problem – so much so that you can find plenty of polish thinners on the market to help liquefy the consistency. Carry your option thinner (like this from ella + mila) and add a few drops to your lacquer jar. Amy Lin, the founder of Sunday—A nail care brand that focuses on health.

Just don’t shake to mix – this can lead to air bubbles in your polishing water, Lin noted, which can make polish chips faster.

Simply roll the paint between your palms so the mixture swirls evenly. Another warning? Polishing thinner often contains the same basic ingredients as nail polish, so it can affect the pigmentation depending on the number of drops you use. (In general, the more drops you use, the more your color will be washed away.) One or two drops probably won’t make a noticeable difference, but if you’re worried about the color’s effectiveness You may want to follow some of the other methods below.



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