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How to Prepare and Transport Your Housewares During the Move |

As your plant collection grows and plants settle in their current space, it becomes increasingly difficult to figure out what you would do if you had to move.

That is currently in my interest, as I have an upcoming move and will have to pack over 200 trees. One of those trees is Frank, my good friend, the 14-foot (4.25-meter) long leafy tree that I have had since 2014.

When I had Frank, I was living in New Orleans. There, I moved him from apartment to apartment, and then, in the spring of 2015, we packed things up and moved to Baltimore, Maryland, where I live today. I had become a devoted botanical parent just a year ago, so I was not sure how to properly prepare for this move. I not only left with Frank, but also with over 60 other trees. This has been pretty much tested, but every plant comes to a new home safely.

During this move, I took note of how I can better prepare myself so that when I make another move, it will be less stressful and more effective. Here’s my advice on how to prepare your crops for the go.



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