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How to prevent razor-induced swelling, according to dermatologist

IIf you’ve ever shaved, you know razor is inevitable. While no one else can stare at them, you might not like them aesthetically. Like most things, there’s not a perfect way to prevent razor collisions, and which one that works for you may not work for someone else, but there are some simple steps you can take right away. immediately to prevent razor collision.

Medically known as pseudomembranous folliculitis, Dr. Corey L. Hartman, MD, FAAD, a board-certified dermatologist and medical director and founder of Dermatology Health Care in Birmingham, AL, said the prefix, fake, refers to not actually having folliculitis. “We saw the inflammation around these follicles not because of infection, but because of the coarse, curly, and coarse hair that regrowth in the follicle,” explains Dr. Hartman. As your hair grows, it is protected by a shell that separates the hair follicles from the skin. “However, if that hair grows back because it’s curly, coarse, and thick, then it’s unprotected [by the sheath]. And the skin sees that as something it should be up against, an invader. And that’s why you get this fake inflammation. So it’s not really an infection, it’s just anger and redness. “

According to Dr. Hartman, if you have curly, thick, and coarse hair, you are more likely to get hit with a razor. The same goes for people of Mediterranean, Black and Middle Eastern descent, he said. But that doesn’t mean you can’t prevent razor bumps. One way to prevent razor-induced bumps is to “remove hair with laser hair removal, so hair doesn’t grow, there’s nothing to curl” or you can grow hair completely “where the hair is. fully grown. It penetrates the skin, so it doesn’t go into the cycle where you’re cutting it and then it grows and rolls, ”he says. “Also, you’re in control of bumps.”

According to Dr. Hartman, if you already have razor marks, the first step to treating them, says Dr. Hartman, is to learn how to grow your hair (especially if you’re shaving your face or genitals) and then That cuts the hair in that direction not against it. This will keep the hair from getting too short. He also recommends investing in a razor with minimal blades. Contrary to popular belief, the more blades, the higher the risk of razor collisionDr. Hartman said.

“If you commit to a multi-blade razor, you’ll get a swipe at it [the hair], and then you’re done. Because every time you cut your hair, it draws more and more into the skin. It’s getting shorter and shorter, which gives you a great shave, but then it leaves you with more work to do as the hair grows, ”he said. The more chances that hair becomes trapped as it grows out, says Dr. Hartman, causes hair to regrow and cause skin inflammation, says Dr. Hartman.

He also advised Use a moisturizing shaving cream or gel that will allow the razor to glide across your skin with less friction. Use AHA and BHA Dr. Hartman says, detergents and moisturizers exfoliate the skin, help prevent hair regrowth and cause razor-induced swelling. “If there is less dead skin, then there will be fewer obstacles to internal growth.” Shave less, use products with benzoyl peroxide, and even topical steroids and anti-inflammatory steroids are an option, but you’ll need to talk to a dermatologist to get a prescription.

If you are experiencing a razor spot that begins to release pus and the above management tips are not helpful, Dr. Hartman recommends working with a dermatologist, who is more likely to prescribe some. Take oral medication to prevent further discomfort, hyperpigmentation, and scarring you may experience. Avoiding razor impact is difficult, but not impossible if you follow these simple tips.

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