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A study has found a positive relationship between a child’s reading skills at 7-years with their income 35 years later! According to the study, great reading skills affect intelligence scores, academic success, and motivation. But until you start teaching your child to read, you won’t know reading doesn’t come naturally.

Teaching reading to small kids can be a complex process. You have to cultivate their interest in books first before teaching them reading. But the process becomes straightforward once you learn how to do it. And lucky you, we’re here to help. Here are five proven ways to teach reading to small kids.

1. Read to Your Child Daily

Reading to your child every day builds a special bond and grows their love for books from an early age. There is no definite time to start this process, but it’s recommended that you start as early as possible. Research has shown the benefits of daily reading to kids as young as nine months! Start with lullabies and board books then move to songs and short stories and more advanced text as your child grows older.

2. Lead By Example

Children learn best by example. Your child’s love for books will quickly fade if they don’t see you reading regularly. Let your child see you reading daily, even if it’s for a couple of minutes. As they grow older, you can schedule family reading time to cultivate a reading culture in them.

3. Start With the Basics and Build Up

Learning to read starts with understanding the basics. The child has to understand the essential components of reading to be a skilled reader. In summary, your child should learn:

  • Phonemic Awareness: the ability to hear and manipulate sounds in words

  • Phonics: the ability to connect letters to sounds

  • Vocabulary: understand word meanings, definitions, and their context

  • Reading Comprehension: the ability to understand text

  • Fluency: the ability to accurately read aloud with speed and understand text

Luckily, technology has made it easy to learn and teach your child these basics. You can go online and find teaching resources and fun games for your kids. If you’re unsure about where to start, don’t be shy about asking for help. Use search terms like ” reading tutors near me ” to find tutors within your locality.

4. Make the Immediate Environment Print-Rich

Have you ever wondered why our environment is print-rich? It’s because our curious brains are great at picking messages in natural settings. Rather than buying teaching DVDs and flashcards, make your child’s immediate environment print-rich and let curiosity take control.

Start simple and tag objects at home using magnetic or printed letters. You can also hang large-letter posters and bulletin boards around the house. As your child learns to associate letters, sounds, and objects, be there to help them understand better. Also, when out and about, help your child identify and understand letters and words on signs and posters.

5. Keep It Simple and Fun

Learning to read is important, but your child shouldn’t feel pressurized to learn, nor should you feel pressurized to teach. Strive to keep the lessons simple and fun. Both you and the child should have relaxed sessions with minimal or no stress getting in the way.

A great way to achieve this is by adding fun games to your lessons. You could start with pictures and illustrations and slowly progress to text-based games. Take time to notice what your child finds enjoyable and interesting and focus more on that. Keep building on what they love, and increase complexity levels with time.

Make Learning a Journey

Hearing your child read fluently is exciting. But don’t focus on the destination and forget about the journey. Approach the process as a journey that starts with building interest in learning. In addition, remember different children need different approaches.

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