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How to use a Denman brush to get shiny curls & ripples

If you have curly or wavy hair, you probably know this hair truth very well: The end result of your hair preparation and styling work depends on many factors. For example, at what stage of the drying process you use styling products that can affect volume: Apply the product to wet hair and you’ll have more control and hold, or apply to damp hair and dried with a towel. will get bouncy and fluffy hair. The way you protect layers can affect its ability to hold, hydrate, and texture.

The way you put your hair on dry also creates a pretty dramatic effect. Some swear by braids to get a nice loose wave. Others love the “braiding” method, in which they let their hair dry in a microfiber towel to give it a bounce. Of course, there’s the classic scrunch technique.

Well, do you want to take your loose curls or waves to new heights? Consider using the Denman brush, which is a favorite among hair professionals and amateurs alike. As New York City-based hair stylist Matt Newman recently shared on his famous TikTok MattLovesHairIt can really deliver your final result with just the right amount of softness and movement.



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