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How to Use Skincare Like “You Are Time”, From Beauty Professionals

I find it especially helpful to use this time preparing for large meetings or interviews. I sometimes say to myself when I do my skin care routine: I give it to myself positiveOr, if I am worried about an event, I practice what I am going to say. Before speaking in public, in big meetings or interviews, I tend to be extremely anxious – I’m not just in pain personally (a bubbling stomach, a fast heartbeat, and difficulty breathing are all. normal things), which my trembling hands and voice give quick gifts to whoever I’m talking to.

Practicing the answers or hypothetical situations by myself in the private bathroom, all by myself, helps me feel more confident in myself and my words, helps me to not worry anymore . Truth be told, if I don’t have a skincare routine, I’m not sure I’ll take the time to do this kind of preparation, but I do know it’s the key to my success in anxiety-provoking environments.

I find the choice to complete my skincare routine to be a very impressive self-determination – it represents me starting or ending the day to its full potential. I am making a priority to take care of myself.

Of course, skincare routines aren’t the only solution to any mental health problem, but it’s a chance to spend more time on yourself. I like to think of it as a fixed date, twice a day to check with yourself and where are you



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