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How to visit the Floating Sauna in Derby, Tasmania

I’ve always been fascinated by the Nordic spa and wellness tradition. Just as Goop loves a new eye cream, I love a new wellness ritual. After all, this is January. So when I discovered the newly opened steam bath in Derby, Tasmania, I knew I had to go. Also, it’s just over an hour’s drive from my house and what better time than now to explore your own backyard?

Floating sauna, Derby

So on a peaceful Friday morning at exactly 4am my alarm triggered me to wake up for a day to remember Floating sauna, Derby. This mined small town has gained international recognition in recent years for its network of mountain bike trails, but there’s so much more to explore in this vibrant little town.

The floating sauna is the brainchild of owner Nigel, who says he wants to add value to the tourism economy that has thrived in Derby. However, what he did not foresee was that his own tourism would become a destination. Floating saunas are now pre-booked weekly, offering one-hour intervals for a one-time $ 45 fee.

Derby Tasmania Floating Sauna |  World of Wanderlust
Derby Tasmania Floating Sauna |  World of Wanderlust

Bring Nordic spa culture to Tasmania

We all know Tasmania has a cooler climate than the rest of Australia. And if you don’t already know that, do it now! Take a quick look at a map and you’ll see that we’re geographically closer to the Antarctic continent, which means more colder fronts will come here. But instead of seeing it as a negative, many business owners are starting to look for the positives in this.

Enter: a floating sauna at Derby in Northeastern Tasmania.

My own obsession with Nordic spa culture started about six years ago Finland. I toured around Lapland in search of it Northern lights when I discovered something equally fascinating to me: the art of steam. I say art because I have learned that, without a doubt, it is purely an art form. Some time inside the sauna will then be followed by a soak in cold water. It doesn’t sound too crazy, does it? Mistake! In Finland and neighboring Nordic countries, cold drops usually take place in a frozen lake. Completely a wake-up call.

The floating sauna in Derby is a far cry from a frozen lake – especially in the summer. But the art of saunas remains the same. The wellness ritual feels invigorating, replenishing and you will feel completely new.

Derby Tasmania Floating Sauna |  World of Wanderlust
Derby Tasmania Floating Sauna |  World of Wanderlust
Derby Tasmania Floating Sauna |  World of Wanderlust

Details: How to book a sauna

So you want to visit the floating sauna in Tasmania, now what to do?

If you’re already in Tasmania, Derby is far from the city Launceston. It was a pleasant but windy ride, so keep this in mind! We start the morning at 4am to get to Derby at 6am because of the morning light and fog.

If you are planning your visit to Tasmania, then Derby is located in the Northeast of Tasmania. Best to visit when you travel north to Launceston, perhaps also stopping by Bridestowe Lavender Farm and Barnbougle Golf Course. The nearest airport is Launceston.

Cost per person is $ 45 for an hour of lessons, sharing social experiences with others. You can also rent private locations.

Book a seat here

Blue Derby Pods Ride |  World of Wanderlust

Many other leisure activities in Derby

Elsewhere in Derby you will find countless mountain biking trails. It is Tasmania’s top mountain biking destination and the options are endless for the adventurous traveler.

The ride the green shell derby is a great way to experience trails for the first time. This organized experience includes premium capsule accommodation, pre-cooked meals and local wines.

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