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How your business can be open 24/7 #DynamicCommunication

Customers expect to visit you at any time of the day. These tips can keep you on the lookout at all times without having to light candles at both ends.

March 15, 2017

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The following excerpt is from Jill Schiefelbein’s book Dynamic communication. Buy it now from Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound

In today’s digital world, there is no such thing as such now because a business can never really “shut down” again. That doesn’t mean your actual office space isn’t closing, but your customers and your prospects expect to reach you 24/7. Whether that comes in the form of positioning information on your website, the level of engagement and interaction on and with Or leave a review on a third-party website, your business is always “open”. You can never stop paying attention.

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With Available today, it’s easier than ever. The arrival of 24/7 availability informs your customers that they are your number one priority. Here are some principles of 24/7 style service:

Ability to communicate at all times

Providing your customers with channels of communication open to your company at all hours is important. This means having an existing web presence with easy access and contact information .

If a customer is using your product, they can ask for and get help, no matter what in the day it is. Even if it’s just an automatic response letting them know your service and support hours, and providing links to possible interim solutions, it’s better to leave them in the dark. , don’t know when they’ll get a response. For sites with live chat, the best sites let users know where they are in the support queue and expected wait times. That’s how you show your customers you are there, you realize they have a need and you will address it as soon as possible.

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Multiple touch points after purchase

After making a purchase, a customer is 5 times more likely to interact with you – in fact, five times – within 90 days of purchase. This means you need to be in control of your customers handles and provides multiple communication points and provides proactive support. Especially for online purchases or high-value or multi-dollar purchases, this kind of comfort is essential to avoid regretful purchases. You often see great examples of this service style and comfort from e-commerce merchants: They quickly contacted thank you emails and direct links for support and contact information. . At a minimum, you should touch the base every quarter. Also, realize that personalizing this communication is essential. While it is possible to send the same message to all new customers, at least write customer names in the email. Studies show that personalized email is more likely to drive action.

Pay attention to customer needs

As a business, you’re there to serve and support your customers, but smart businesses are observing as well. behavior, so you can know what your customers are doing with your product, how they use it, and what they are doing with the knowledge you have helped them gain. Paying attention to what your customers are doing on social media, in their business, and their success – especially in relation to the use of your product – is important to understand. be clear about how to serve future customers and provide more value to your current consumer base.

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This observation is also related to understanding how current trends and events may impact your client’s relationship with you, your product / service, and the results they can achieve when work with you. For example, if you sell a payroll solution and learn about a new invoice that might affect payroll processing, tell your client and control the story. Tell them the truth, tell them you are monitoring the situation and provide the information needed to make your customers feel they are within reach.

When you are able to deliver value to customers both above and beyond your product, you take the next step in customer relationship and real 24/7 service delivery.



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