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Hundreds of people gathered at the Brooklyn Central Police Station for the 2nd night of the Daunte Wright – WCCO rally

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) Hundreds of protesters gathered on a second night outside the Brooklyn Central Police Station, a day after one of the city’s officials shot and killed 20-year-old Daunte Wright in a car stop.

Curfew takes effect Monday at 7pm in Hennepin County, as well as Anoka, Dakota, and Ramsey counties. The protesters did not flinch as they shouted outside the fenced-in area. In addition to Brooklyn Center police officers, state soldiers and members of the Minnesota National Guard were stationed outside the police station.

WCCO’s David Schuman reported that at around 7:45 pm, a disbandment order was issued.

The second scatter order was issued just after 8pm

The third scatter command was given at around 8:20 p.m., but to no avail.

Shortly thereafter, law enforcement began deploying containers of tear gas and sparks, some of which landed near an apartment building across from the police station.

Protesters began firing fireworks at law enforcement in response to their use of more lethal weapons.

The amount of tear gas deployed by the police immediately pushed many in the crowd away from the front of the police station just before 9:00 pm.

Just after 9pm, law enforcement began to enter the crowd and shoot rubber bullets. At the same time, Brooklyn Central City Council voted in favor of banning their police officers from using rubber bullets and chemical stimulants to control crowds, as well as containment techniques. called “kettling”.

The crowd was greatly thinning by 10:30 p.m., as law enforcement expanded their siege.

According to Sheriff Tim Gannon, Wright was arrested because the tabs expired on Sunday afternoon, and after the police learned of his arrest warrant, they asked him to leave his car. Full-body camera footage released on Monday showed Wright trying to get back to his car after an officer tried to handcuff him.

Another officer pulled out her gun and pointed it at Wright while shouting “Taser”, the video showed. Then she shot Wright before saying, “My God, I just shot him.”

The officer has been on administrative parole and the Minnesota Criminal wanted department is investigating Wright’s death.

The incident led to clashes between protesters and police on Sunday night. Robbery and turmoil also flooded Minneapolis.



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