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HyperSafuu: Is a multifunctional cross chain ecosystem comprising of double rewards, staking DAO and swap. – Press Releases

HyperSafuu is a token will be launching on the 22ND of March. Ontario, Canada. March, 2022

HyperSafuu, a new venture in the cryptocurrency and NFT has today released a white paper outlining further details about its token structure and confirming that it will launch soon.

HYPERSAFUU is structured to operate like any other business model, it is not a temporary source of income or someone’s hobby, which means that decisions based upon the best and more profitable return-on-investment are our most remarkable added value. Our efforts and dedication are our main drive to lift this token up and make it excel in a field where hard work is less appreciated than financial value.

That’s how we will be achieving the best TCO and ROI, in the most efficient cost, the least amount of time, and the best effective communication strategy, as communication is the key to any successful partnership, and we acknowledge that trust is earned and not given, thus HYPERSAFUU is audited and KYC’d, to show our reliability and authenticity to our investors.

Not only are accountability and clarity some of our values, but they are also two main communication pillars in our core, which brings us to the most obvious part: HYPERSAFUU main focus and priority regarding the project decisions and direction is to provide consistent and high returns on investments. Of course, with accountability, comes ethics, and we are obliged to be ethically and morally equal to our investors.

HyperSafuu has a total supply of 100000000 tokens. The total supply development is controlled through the buyback and burn mechanism.


20% BURN





About HyperSafuu

HyperSafuu is an ecosystem app that provides both simplicity and security in trading crypt and NFTs at the lowest fees. offering a reliable and easy-to-use platform to access the broader crypto economy. HyperSafuu app is an innovative app with an interface that offers simple access to unique features for its users to trade with ease, while remaining safe with all the security solutions that are offered by the app.

HyperSafuu is a multifunctional cross chain ecosystem comprising of busd rewards, NFT marketplace and staking DAO.

For more information visit: https://hypersafuu.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/Hypersafuu

Media Contact
Company Name: HyperSafuu
Contact Person: Vogel @Voge_Krypto
Email: Send Email
Country: Canada
Website: https://hypersafuu.io/

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