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Hypothesis of a fund for structures excluded from Recovery – Economy

Immediately creating an unscheduled fund for works, though valid, would not be able to participate in the Restoration Plan: according to what was learned, it was one of the hypotheses that the government was working on Now, in view of the launch of Def e of the request deviation. The fund – which Economy Minister Daniele Franco spoke at Congress – will in fact be funded from the start with a portion of foreign trade.

“A significant part of the $ 209 billion Recovery Plan will go to the SOUTHERN. An opportunity to finance infrastructure, digitization and health. Invest to create jobs and narrow the gap. social and territorial way in the South. With Mara Carfagna, we will be in the right direction. ” This was stated by Antonio Tajani on the sidelines of the meeting with South Mara Carfagna’s Minister in charge.

“The strait bridge, according to the government version, cannot be included in the Restoration plan as any work must be done by 2026. We have yet to give up this version and this location. : I had an interview until the day before.with Minister Giovannini, with whom I have made the stable relationship between the two coasts a priority for Sicily This was the President of the Sicily Region, Nello Musumeci , told ANSA, hoping that “the government can be persuaded to take a courageous stance, even regardless of the Restoration plan.” “Because if the government expressed a willingness to reopen the lake. “We won the game,” he added. What I fear is that ‘cassariamento’, as they say in Sicily, is a desired waste of time, designed not to decide, not to end but still ambiguous and uncertain, left to everyone. Happy people and all unhappy people. “Among those” against Sicily “, President Musumeci affirmed that” undoubtedly the lobbying of a leftist orthodox environmentalism continues to ask us to must go back to the stilt house and then the M5s and the Democrats, who are always’ celebrated. the ‘enemy of the bridge’. “Even at Ars, in the last legislature – he recalls – parliamentary groups of two political forces voted on an agenda for that effect, reiterating their opposition to Without this work, it was as if Italy had ended up in Calabria and not. Another quick connection could be imagined without it. That was the infrastructure that had been talking about for more than 50 years – musumeci explained – and it overtook every government and all political forces with one constant: leftist opposition.

Tomorrow, the German Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe will meet to discuss the appeal against the Restoration Fund. Handelsblatt reports online. According to the newspaper, the decision of the constitutional judges will be made in April. Furthermore, two comments were presented by the German government in favor of the Restoration, arguing that the establishment of the fund is completely legal and therefore the appeal is not grounded.


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