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I am Nomadi, Augusto is always our beacon – Culture & Program

Only today, 28 years after the death of Augusto Daolio, Beppe Carletti he explicitly tried to dedicate an unreleased song to his friend, titled ‘The Champion’s Mark’, a valuable track that is included in the new unreleased album ‘Only humans’, will be released on April 23 in clear vinyl, cd and digital download format. “From our friendship, being born on a stage, the extraordinary story of the Nomads begins – tell Carletti.ANSA – a story continues with the same values ​​as its origin, first of all consistency, and this can be told in a movie soon. “
From his first meeting with Augusto, Beppe remembers everything as if about 60 years had passed. “We were in a club in Trecenta, in the Rovigo province. A guitarist with me – he said – told me he brought a little boy as a waiter in Novellara and could sing:” it was Augusto. Since that moment, we were never separate. We went to Riccione for 77 consecutive days to play, afternoon and evening. It was 1963.
The memories are endless. “When you went to a concert in one town – Beppe said – Augusto, who slept very little, went early searching for the archaeological sites and features of the place and in the evening, he was tell them on stage.
It is curious, it always has a book in hand, it draws, it desires life “.
The ‘Champion’s Mark’ is a tribute to that boy With whom Carletti shared 30 years of music and friendship, from 16 to 46, “the best years, the years when a man flourishes and becomes a man,” he emphasized. Luckily for him, Nomadi’s keyboard player and not the singer, otherwise, he explained, “wouldn’t be able to sing about Augusto without being touched”. This work, like the entire album, is the child of the lock and the bath of memory inspired by these slow days. But melancholy is not a defining feature. “The keywords are Values, Love and Life. It has been a long and creative journey. We look inside, with our minds and hearts turned to our collective consciousness and those who are no longer there, with a light of hope. I don’t know how many songs I’ve recorded but I think this is one of the best I’ve heard in years, ”he added.
Two collaborations also stand out on the watch list: ‘Soffio Celeste’, feat. Chiara Bertoni, that’s ‘Human Only’, feat. Enzo Iacchetti. Nomadi’s formation has changed over the years with changes to the singer’s microphone, “but spirit is the source and Augusto is still alive, even for the youngest who don’t know him yet but love pray to him, “Carletti said, cheerfully. in collaboration with the group’s current singer, Yuri Cilloni, who came in 2017, heads the cover band Nomadi and made a big dream.
Waiting to return to the ocean of traditional gatherings Novellara nomadic meetingIn arms with the sky, handshakes, smiles, sweat drops and hugs, the Nomads will have a virtual gathering on April 22, the evening before the album’s release, with no anyone has pre-ordered. We continue with concerts, like last summer, as much as possible. Curfew is the limit for live action. “Once upon a time there were dancing moths. We can propose to them again,” Carletti exclaimed. “We never stop and we won’t stop. The Nomads employs about 20 families. We used to work 80 evenings a year, now we do very little, with the audience sitting and talking. They wore masks – he concluded – but they smiled at us with their eyes.



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