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I Coma_Cose, with the Nostralgia we have taken refuge in in the past – Music

Returning after the Sanremo Festival that saw their unexpected success with Flames in the eyes (golden disc for three weeks), Coma_Cose is ready to release a new album, titled Nostralgia (released April 16 for Asian Fake / Sony Music). “There are six songs and an ending, which is probably a bit of a classic, but we really want it that way, not because of a stance but because of the necessity of the story,” Fausto and California (Francesca, at the registration office), said. on stage and in life, he’s wiser and more reflective, she’s more pragmatic and instinctive “and our always conflicted people help us grow every day”.

Nostralgia, as the title tells us, is a trip into the past, into life lived in the pre-biological period. “To get back to our emotions, after a year of pandemic pause, we rediscover our memories, also to clear the mistakes that have made and look at ourselves with new awareness. to express our nostalgia, about the past life of last year, in which life took away from us.So to write something practical, we went into the past with need The bridge looks for something important: we remember to touch, we remember smells and feelings. Each song is a chapter in the revenge story of Francesca and Fausto (who smiles next to Al Bano and Romina, “maybe have a lifelong career like theirs, but apart from us as a couple, we are also musicians “): a story that sees them go from their resignation to giving up music, to being able to make it the center of their lives.

The album includes loneliness, periphery, introspection, and self-analysis. “It’s not a key record, but a work that is affected by that pause and permeates the whole story. There is a hidden fragility that is the thread that stitches all the songs together. “. Project Coma_Cose was born in 2016, but with Festival, the duo gained mainstream popularity. “Sanremo for us is a nice detour compared to our road, we believe in the song and we’re glad it was welcomed, but we’re no different from before – they themselves Proudly declare – to be free and to be yourself the most wonderful promise can be made.And then indie or non-indie is a difference that no longer makes sense: with social media and platforms foundation, everything is on the same level. They don’t rule out being able to return to Ariston if there’s the right song (“Sanremo still has the power to do amplifiers”), but also to get rid of curiosity about what the “real festival” is like. Which is, outside of covid’s bounds.

On the day of controversy over the reopening of stadiums and the lack of uncertainty for live shows, even Coma_Cose faced an ambiguous situation. “We are waiting, we have already marked a number of dates on the calendar, but we are still not sure yet. As soon as we can get back we will do. But more than play, we are. missed going to someone else’s concert, of course we were very angry about that.What’s going on, with regard to the music and how the whole sector was being treated. cannot apply the same rules as in other areas to the entertainment world.



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