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‘I have no money or no excitement’: My wife painted our house Rustic Western – now Realtors want us to wipe out our lives

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What the hell do I have to believe, recognize and trust when selling my home and buying another, especially in today’s seller’s market?

We need and want to reduce the size of our existing homes. My wife repainted our house according to what we are: Western rustic. The house is painted and decorated in the Southwest color tones, not the gray color everyone likes and wants.

After all, influencers / design experts say make your home “your own”. Nowadays, a lot of people are making farm houses – for us, we are stuck with our rustic Western hobby.

Now we want to sell. We have received mixed notifications from approximately 8 different Brokers in our region and outside of our region. Some say that repaint all walls to neutral color and replace carpets in some rooms with bricks. Upgrade equipment to stainless steel. Paint on the outside as well. Renovate the landscape, tidy up the house and just have enough fixtures in it to show size and scale. And for God’s sake – let’s get rid of our personal things like family photos !!!

Then there were other people who told us not to do anything different from it, the house will sell in this market. Then some others said that it only takes some small maintenance – cosmetic stuff – and it will sell. Another said to just move out and sell – present – period.

Our house is the home with the largest square footage of our 62-house neighborhood. Additionally, we have added features to the home we know that no other home in our area has, such as: a circular driveway and an extra bedroom with HAVE a bathroom, fireplace and side entrance to a closed porch. It was my mother-in-law’s bedroom, and she lived here for 11 years.

‘Our house is the home with the largest square acreage in our 62-house neighborhood. Plus, we added features to the home we know no other home in our area has. ”

We think making changes – such as carpet replacement, repainting and painting all walls to a neutral color (or the popular gray / white) and replacing existing white devices of Ours into stainless – is a waste of our money. Anyone who buys this home will most likely not like what we have chosen and will either tear off or replace what we have included.

When we bought it, we did exactly the same thing: repainting, replacing the carpet – even though it’s been painted and the carpet hasn’t been 6 months.

We have a neighbor who is far away from us, has the same house as us except it is smaller because they have 3 bedrooms while we have 4 – because the suite is rented. They lived in that house for almost 3 years and they completely redone the entire house inside to look like that farmhouse: new plumbing, new electricity, and redecorated backyard with paving stones.

Do you believe after all our neighborhood remodeling, homebuyers repainting, tiling, adding sprinkler systems and embellishing the landscape?

We think they spent about 50,000 to 60,000 dollars on the repairs. They sold the house for cash to a well-off local celebrity to his daughter. We think they broke even or had very little profit. Do you believe that after all our neighborhood remodeling, their home buyers are repainting, re-tiling, adding sprinkler systems and embellishing the landscape?

Now back to my house. We are in our late 60s and retired. I don’t have the money or the pleasure to do large-scale makeup for this home to please others who may or may not like the makeup that we are going to do to sell it. I need as much money as I can to move on to the next house.

This is just the second home we own – are we old-fashioned or out-of-date? What’s your opinion? One of the Realtors says that selling a home is “as is” implies that something is wrong with it. Is that true? There’s nothing wrong with this house – we’ve been maintaining it ever since.

Aside from that, we are thinking of hiring our own home inspector just to see if there’s something we missed. I hope you can respond. I am starting to disbelieve these Realtors. Who is telling me the truth?

Best regards,

Confusion and frustration in Florida

Send mistakenly,

I was wondering how you would sign this letter. I am curious whether you live in Waco or Westchester.

No, as it turns out.

Selling a home is an emotional process. This is where you made some of your best memories. You and your wife pour money, sweat and tears to make it your sanctuary – it’s a reflection of the rich life you’ve led together and a physical manifestation of the partnership. your.

It is important that buyers can visualize life in what used to be your home. Your job is to help make that happen.

So it’s natural to think that your favorite aesthetic isn’t the cup of tea for many people. I’d rather live in a place like yours than a white-walled house, cookie cutters have a bit of personality.

But I’m not everyone.

Little things – a new coat of paint, new bathroom fixtures, minor repairs and deep cleaning – will help your home stand out. A bigger renovation won’t help much unless your home is in bad shape. Very little renovation actually comes with a 100% return on investment.

As a seller, you still want to do your best – even in a hot market like this one. It’s great that you’ve invested in your home to add features that are sure to appeal to many buyers.

But the important thing is that the buyer can imagine of them live in what was ever your Home page. Your job is to help make that happen. They want to be able to photo their furniture in the room, their pictures on the wall and their memories being done.

The more people can visualize their lives in your home, the more incentives you get.

Your house can be sold at any price – the market is really hot these days in many parts of the country. But I also think that you want the greatest return on your investment possible, and to get there you’ll want your home to receive as many incentives as possible.

That way, you’ll have more money to do the reworking of the rustic West – or, what the hell, reform the Wild West – to your new home.

That’s why many buyers choose to undertake smaller renovations before listing their homes. Paint your home is a great example of this: Neutral colors like white, beige, and gray give buyers a blank picture. A new coat of paint makes it easier for them to visualize the life they will build in the home. And research from Zillow


suggest that wrong paint color will do the exact opposite – it could actually lower the price you get for your home.

The more people can visualize their lives in your home, the more incentives you get. And the more offers you get, the higher your chances of seeing a bidding war give you the best possible deal.

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Zillow Experience: You don’t have to complete a complete bowel removal. “Zillow rarely completes any major upgrades to a home that could dramatically change its mark or value,” the real estate firm said. said in a recent report It details lessons learned through the iBuyer department of direct home buying and selling. “Instead, Zillow focuses on projects that make homes clean, safe, and efficient for buyers, repairing items instead of replacing them when possible.”

Go back to the real estate agents you talked to and check their records – who has the most successful sales history? If the person advises you to make some small aesthetic changes, I’ll listen to them. They do not rate your interests. Instead, they’re trying to get you the best price for your home.

It’s just business. It’s not personal. Even being asked to change your color scheme makes you feel that way.



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