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‘I swear to fight for full custody of my children’: I married my wife THRICE to bring her to the US – she surprised me when I divorced

Right now, I am in “surprise mode” after my wife suddenly filed for divorce without even talking to me. Not even my mother-in-law, who lives with us, didn’t talk to me before my wife applied. Our relationship has been fractured since around 2015.

A little bit of information at a glance: I came to the US on a work visa in 2005, working day and night to earn an honest living and achieve the American dream. During that time, my wife was my girlfriend. I supported her with everything, including houses, cars, allowances, etc., so that she could get a second degree in our hometown so she could thrive in America too.

“We registered for civil marriage in 2007 overseas, but it was invalidated by the US embassy because of some unusual issues.”

We registered for civil marriage in 2007 overseas, but it was invalidated by the US embassy because of some unusual issues. We had a wedding in the church, but still couldn’t fix the civil marriage’s defect. So we canceled it and did another civil wedding. We had a valid marriage in 2010. Yes, you get it right – I married my wife THRICE to bring her to the US

Soon after, my wife got pregnant and had her first child in 2011. She had a miscarriage in 2014 that almost killed her. When I got home from work she was unconscious, and I took her to the emergency room. We finally had a second child.

‘I feel betrayed

Things were fine until 2015, when she started looking for trouble. My brother and his family live with us temporarily to save money, as they just moved from another state here in Georgia. We were able to mend everything that year, but she started over right after that so my brother and his family moved out.

That year, she started working in low-paying jobs in the healthcare industry, as she still couldn’t get a medical degree. In 2017 we were able to bring her mother to America, I thought it would be a start to a better home life, but the opposite happened.

After obtaining a good job in the medical field, she still chose not to make a financial contribution. I explained to her to pay the family. I have financial responsibility from 2005 to present.

She only pays car insurance for two cars and groceries, while I pay for everything else, including rent from 2013 and all bills. I paid off our car and paid our children’s college fund, etc., and I contribute anything and everything in between.

‘I paid off for our car and paid our children’s college fund, etc., and I contribute to whatever and everything in between.’

I feel betrayed, for sacrificing my life since 2005 for a better family, and now my wife wants to leave and wants to withdraw money with all the assets I have accumulated over the years. by. Above all, I am sorry for my two children for being innocent victims, but I vow to fight for full custody of the children.

It’s hard to think about losing everything like a home, retirement savings and other assets to someone who doesn’t contribute even a penny. My biggest fear is losing my children. If you have suggestions and ideas for me on how to handle my finances now amid this divorce, please let me know.

Laws are laws, but all I can say is that not all are true. It wasn’t fair that I was a good supplier and saved for someone just swiping it. Right now, I’m still crying a lot just thinking about my kids, and I still can’t think straight. Any advice you can share with me.

Mr. So sad

Dear MVS!

Going through a divorce is like going through a recession. In fact, the divorce rate has decreased during the period Great recession, likely because filing for a divorce would be a big impact on a couple’s finances. It appears to be doing the same thing to couples during the coronavirus crisis, at least during the latest pandemic. Divorce during a pandemic couldn’t be easier, especially with children involved.

Georgia is a fair distribution country. The judge should consider your respective financial contributions. In fair distribution countries, wealth is divided based on many factors, including the income of each party at the time of marriage, the length of the marriage, loss of benefits, and the needs of the guardianship. household and future financial situation. In community-owned countries, property gained during the marriage is divided equally.

‘If your wife is a good mother, joint custody should be the solution because that’s what will serve your children.’

– Moneyist

Put your feelings aside and do what you believe is best for your child. If your wife is a good mother, joint custody should be the solution because that’s what will serve your children. After all, they are the real rich people from your marriage. Honor them, and I believe the rest will take care of themselves. In addition, the judge will see if you are acting from an angry place and will not properly review your petition for full custody. You will need a solid reason.

Your wife had to go through a lot physically and emotionally, as you said, and you were there for her. If you could do it all over again, would you do the same thing? I believe you will, because you won’t have your kids if you don’t. It is not a zero-sum game. That is life. People change. They don’t make sense. They give a lot until they can’t give more and, yes, sometimes they also take a lot. From time to time, you will find this is just one chapter of your itinerary.

Of course, a lot is missing from your letter, and that’s the version of you when you remember and experience it. There are usually three versions: your version, your spouse’s version, and the version witnessed by the gods. No one, without exception, is a perfect partner – and challenges like these are met better at finding soul than pointing. You will never change others, but looking at your own words and deeds provides a real path to healing.

‘There are usually three versions: yours, that of your spouse, and the one witnessed by the gods. No one is a perfect partner. ”

– Moneyist

Of course, you should ask your wife why she applied, if you haven’t already, and offer marriage counseling if there is a glimmer of hope. The answers may surprise you. You probably know that you should live further apart. But whatever you learn will get you in a good position in the future. Proceed with questions rather than accusations. Humility is a more welcome starting point than confusion and anger, even if those are the emotions that are destroying you now.

You did not sacrifice your life. You have lived your life with the expectation that you will be together forever, but life doesn’t always turn out as we intended. His wife gave him two children, and lost one. We can gather mountains of evidence to hold others accountable for their actions, but what works in a divorce court doesn’t always work in life. And, remember, you will be raising your children in one form or another.

If we don’t look at our own choices and why we made them, we have to repeat them. If your wife is a villain in this section, I suspect, there will be red marks and the reason you missed them. You are responsible for that. Heroes and villains are usually only found in comics. My suspicions are that the truth is much more complicated, and there are no heroes or villains.

Just two people trying to figure out what they want from this life, and who they want to spend it with.



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