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If you are wondering how to grill a whole chicken, read this section

Whole roast chicken is one of those dishes that can be incredibly tasty or extremely boring. My own approach to chicken is similar to how I consider tomatoes either Pizza: If they’re just that, don’t even bother. But when they’re good, they’re really Well, and I’ve made countless versions of my quest to figure out how to bake a whole chicken.

For example, there is a request method cooking in the middleor related techniques soak in salt water first, or which one stuffing all kinds of aromatics subcutaneous. I have tried them all and am happy to announce that the best roast chicken recipe is so simple. In addition to the basic EVOO + salt and pepper equation, there are three tips I trust to ensure the bird tastes best with a crisp golden brown skin every time.

Read on on how to grill whole chicken for best results and scroll to the bottom to see the recipe.

Chicken Roasting Tip # 1: Remove the spine before baking.

If you’re wondering how to easily and quickly roast an entire chicken as possible, the answer lies in the technique of butterfly spinning, or spine removal. I asked the butcher to remove it while I was at the grocery store for a living really easy, but you can do it yourself. Start by removing the wrap, then rinse the chicken and dry it. Place your bird on a cutting board with the spine facing up. It is easiest to use kitchen clippers to cut along both sides of the spine. Remove the spine, then turn the breast surface up and use the palms to press lightly to flatten the chicken. Are you ready!

Why must grill chicken before baking? In short, this creates more surface area for direct heat exposure, resulting in the most brittle, golden brown skin, which is what we are aiming for. Plus, it cuts your cooking time in half (always a bonus.)

Roasting Tip # 2: Let the chicken rest for 30 minutes.

I know, this may seem like a long time, but believe me: it’s worth the wait and delivers the best roast chicken. I’m not sure where I picked this weird little technique from, but it really makes a huge difference. When you let the chicken rest after coming out of the oven, all of that wonderful soda is redistributed throughout the bird making it super moist and flavorful throughout. “But won’t it get cold?” you may be wondering. Me too, but fortunately there is a fix for that. Return the chicken to your preheated oven for five minutes just before serving, which is the perfect time to reheat without drying the meat. Carve and eat!

Chicken Roasting Tip # 3: Let the sauce homemade.

One night, Adam suggested that I toss a bunch of cherry tomatoes into the pan with our chicken while it was roasting. I thought this was a strange idea because I knew that the tomatoes would spoil and turn pasty at that high temperature – and I was right, but it turns out that’s exactly what makes them so delicious. This simple move creates a slow roast tomato mixture that almost resembles a sauce, flows out with a sweetness that complements the chicken and creates an effortless spice. Now I enhance the flavor by adding the garlic head, slicing it in half (squeezing the chicken for an instant garlic mix!), And lots of lemon slices that caramelize in the oven into a candy-like paste. Yum.

Here, I upgraded this grilled chicken with a drip cilantro salsa at the end, but for ease, you can completely skip this step. The combination of tomato, garlic and lemon is enough to create its own flavor.

Now that you know how to roast whole chicken for maximum flavor with minimal effort, I’d love to know if you tried this recipe! Rate and review the formula below, and remember tag us on Instagram So I can see your version.

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