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If you want to improve employee satisfaction, try this controversial method

Sometimes employees need to look for other opportunities to achieve satisfaction.

April 21, 2021

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Career dissatisfaction is something we all have to struggle with over time. We all used to have situations where we thought our lives would improve if we just had. one thing that was missing.

If you lead one Chances are you have run into difficult situations where an employee is not satisfied with how much money they make, their title or with the organizational change. When employees are dissatisfied, their focus shifts from doing the job to worrying about themselves – and the quality of their work can suffer. How you deal with these situations will define you as a leader. Sometimes dissatisfaction is easily resolved with a raise or a promotion. Other times giving in to employees’ feelings of dissatisfaction is a trap. Either way: The faster the situation is resolved, the better it is for you, your employees, and the business.

Review annual practice with another company. Encourage each of your employees to interview another company each year. It might seem intimidating or unfamiliar, but the pros go far beyond the downside. These are just three of the many ways this method will amplify .

Strengthen your commitment to cause and cause

In Jim Collin’s Great, he writes about getting the right people on the bus. Not only does he speak about their competence at work, but also their commitment to mission of. You should hire people because they believe in your company’s mission, not just because they are well versed in certain tasks. Clearly as it may seem, sticking to the company’s mission is not as understandable as the leaders hope. As people’s desires and motivations change, they begin to wonder if the grass is greener than at another company.

Asking your team to interview elsewhere can reinforce their commitment to you as the company’s leader and mission. This practice says “I want what’s best for you, even if the best is achieved somewhere else.” Exploring other options can be a good reminder that they have one good time with a great leader at a great company. However, sometimes, interview somewhere else helps the staff decide it’s time to get off. This may create short-term pain for you and the company, but in the long run, it’s always healthy. The best teams are filled with people wanting to play a small role in a bigger quest.

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Prove you are for people, not just for the company

Let’s face it: At some point, all the good people turn to bigger and better opportunities. That is life and that is leadership. Whether your employees decide to take another job or reserve a seat on the bus, they’ll certainly know that you care about them and their careers. It says a lot about you as a leader when you openly encourage your employees to interview elsewhere.

Practice outside interviews and you will have fewer people leaving you because they know you care about them. When employees interview with other companies, they are comparing the potential of working with a new leader to working with you. You will have an advantage over any new leader, because they know you want what’s best for them and their careers.

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Add clarity to dissatisfaction

After interviewing elsewhere, many employees will return to the content and be ready to return to the task. They will realize that maybe the 5% salary increase is not the answer they are looking for or that the promotion they think they want for a price they are not willing to pay. Sometimes, they interview elsewhere and are given lifelong opportunities. That is great news. After all, we care about our people and want what’s best for them.

There is a saying that employees don’t leave the company, they leave leadership. There’s really no downside to asking your team to interview elsewhere. In this fact, they are able to spot the grass that is not always greener on the other side, and return with a new purpose.

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