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Imperial’s Julia Stewart looks at the big picture

Julia Stewart, Director of Imperial

Can you draw an overview of Imperial and how it has become associated with so many of the biggest super yacht projects?

We believe in a detailed oriented approach as we are dealing with Legendary super yacht. We leave nothing to chance and monitor every detail. Our yachts are a very popular choice for chartering because of their high standard of service, safety with no compromises, and impeccable engineering.

The Monaco office is the center of our operations and we also have offices located in leading shipyards in Germany, the Netherlands and Italy to oversee daily new construction and refurbishment to protect interests. Owner’s. We have large operating and building teams that manage more than 1,000 crew members worldwide. In addition, we have skilled in-house legal and human resources staff.

How has Imperial business changed over the past few years when you were known for partnering with some of the world’s biggest new super yachts?

We have sold more new construction projects and are currently overseeing construction projects at major European companies. Imperial is producing more hulls in the 100m-plus segment because we have demonstrated management expertise and expertise to control budgets and deliver the best results for owners.

Imperial is the 136m long Flying Fox exclusive rental agent, built by Lürssen; © Imperial Yachts (Image: Guillaume Plisson)

Our assigned yachts speak for themselves. The construction was supervised by Imperial and was the Exclusive Central Charter Agent for Lana (Benetti 107m) and Flying fox (Lürssen 136m). Furthermore, we are also experts in the field of new construction as well Amadea (Lürssen 106.1m).

How would you rate the value of different business divisions?

Imperial is not dependent on one area of ​​business, but we have a solid core foundation on the oversight of new construction and management, as well as strong sales and charter divisions.

What are some of the projects that have raised Imperial in terms of recognition and respect from your competitors?

Imperial respects the success of all brokers because we believe healthy competition inspires us to do our best, not simply ‘good enough’. Imperial is unique because we have delivered more new construction projects than any other brokerage firm in the past decade.

Friedrich Lürssen, CEO of Imperial Evgeniy Kochman, Julia Stewart and Peter Lürssen

We have the engineering, operations, and interior managers of the meticulous style. Our success stands out in the industry, with ships like Flying fox, Lana, RoMEA (Abeking & Rasmussen 81.8m) and Lili (Amels 55m) creates a new standard of charter. Imperial is the owner’s representative and oversight of operational, technical and interior aspects.

Imperial is smaller than some of the other companies in your industry. Do you want to scale up the staffing and office space?

We use a different strategy because we have fewer sales offices but more on-site offices in major German, Dutch and Italian shipyards. Imperial oversees new construction from these offices and therefore has real-time updates and is able to respond to owner requests immediately.

Having all hands on deck is a real strength of ours. With the development of Covid-19, it has become clearer that we do not need many sales offices to be successful but we must have strong capabilities and a core that works.

The Flying Fox features the exterior of Monaco-based Espen Øino; © Imperial Yachts (Image: Guillaume Plisson)

Which builders have you worked with most frequently on new builds?

Imperial has had the privilege of working with pioneers among Europe’s top shipyards. We learned from each other and shared the same qualities as a detailed direction, as well as always protecting the interests of the owners. Working closely with these shipyards, we set high expectations and standards with the yards we choose to work with in the future.

Could you tell us about Imperial’s role as owner agent and construction supervisor for the 120m Signature Project with Amels / Damen?

Imperial has a longstanding relationship with Amels / Damen as we have successfully built together more than 10 hulls over the years. We have great respect for the leaders of the Damen family and appreciate how they support their customers with warranty and support. We firmly believe that Amels / Damen is the right shipyard for this talented ship. Project Signature will increase the complexity of design in the yacht industry.

Imperial is the owner representative and construction supervisor for the 120m Signature Project designed by Espen Øino

Project Signature will be a ‘green’ super yacht prepared for the Lloyd’s Register of Shipping EP (Environmental Protection) signature, powered by diesel-electric and Azipod engines. Have you noticed more owners showing an interest in the environment?

As a result of the construction of larger ships, future owners will continue to search for new destinations and new platforms for adventure. With the shift in demographics, young customers are looking for more experiential activities through unique cruise lines and on-board facilities. Wanderlust also accompanies an environmentally conscious desire.

Our surrounding oceans, marine life and coasts are endangered. Today, the industry is more suited to climate change and customer requirements or is open to innovative engineering solutions or sustainable yacht design with the ultimate goal of reducing yacht footprints. surname.

Imperial is Lana’s exclusive hub charter agent, the 107m Benetti is delivered in 2020; © Imperial Yachts (Image: Breed Media)

Can you tell us anything about the other upcoming builds Imperial is involved in?

Imperial always strives to protect the confidentiality of our customers. Imperial can confirm that we have major newbuilding projects in leading German, Dutch and Italian shipyards. All I can say is, stay tuned!

Espen Øino designed Project Signature, Flying fox and many other works that Imperial has done. Why does the company have such a special relationship with him?

Imperial is a Monaco-based company that boasts Monaco as part of its corporate heritage. We believe firmly in supporting the local economy and working with local talent. Espen Øino is the man behind some of the most iconic super yachts. He had an extraordinary talent and synchronized effectively with Imperial.

Building a super yacht to suit your needs is a delightful experience. The first step in building a new ship is to find the right designer that understands your requirements. Espen’s success is how he manages expectations, sets priorities and finds a balance between each space on board. In partnership with Espen Øino, Imperial has provided many famous super yachts such as Amadea and Flying fox.

Amadea 106,1m, designed by Espen Øino and built by Lürssen, is listed exclusively for sale with Imperial; © Imperial Yachts (Image: Guillaume Plisson)

How has Covid changed your business and impacted different areas of your business?

Covid-19 presents a great challenge to everyone. No one is exempt. We were the first management company to conduct mass inspections of all crew members on a regular basis for the safety of passengers and crew. Imperial has developed Covid-19 precautions for the managed fleet. Given the high standards of on-board safety managed by the fleet, all Imperial charter yachts are in high demand.

With the closure of many resorts, Imperial has found the perfect answer for those looking for a place to rest and improve their health while in a clean environment.

Wellness centers on board Flying fox and Lana incorporates all aspects of personal health, using both a scientific and holistic approach. Imperial charterers have carefully selected safe chartering destinations where guests can choose the degree of interaction they want with terrestrial life while complying with local Covid regulations.

RoMEA 82m was built by Abeking & Rasmussen of Germany and part of Imperial charter fleet; © Imperial Yachts (Image: Guillaume Plisson)

Overall, what do you think is the biggest challenge facing the super yacht industry?

Indeed, the global recession created new complications for the super yacht industry. In our opinion, the experts who are genuinely meticulous in advancement in operation management and new construction will prevail. In general, the quality and expertise of the industry will gradually improve.

What more should the super yacht industry do to make yachts and their operations more environmentally friendly?

Technological advances in the design and construction of super yachts have resulted in more sustainable solutions on board. People are spending more money and time building greener ships to reduce their impact on the marine environment. This is encouraging and shows that the technology can help. Imperial is assisting by partnering with Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) and participate Blue Marine Yacht Club (BMYC) to help save and protect our oceans.

BLUE’S BMYC private events on board Amadea in 2019, with the enthusiastic support of Imperial and Lürssen, is the most successful BMYC event BLUE has organized to date. The event was extremely crowded with BMYC supporters and new industry supporters. A large amount of money was raised that night including a huge Imperial donation.

The evening marked a turning point in financial support for many of BLUE’s projects, especially its work in the Overseas Territories of the UK and Ascension Island.

What is the biggest opportunity for growth in the super yacht sector in the coming years?

We live in a world where the only thing that remains constant is change. Evolution in technology enables possibilities to innovate and advance in any field. The yacht industry is no exception. At Imperial, ‘360 degree luxury yacht’ is not only our company’s motto, it is what sets us apart. We offer a comprehensive approach from conceptualization, finance, design and construction to management, charter, maintenance and marketing.

‘360 degree luxury yacht’ is Imperial motto

What are your plans for the coming years?

Imperial has changed the future of yachts by offering some of the most advanced super yachts. Imperial aligns client, designer and shipyard relationships, so we will continue with our proactive and inspirational approach to our delivered and currently underway super yachts. build.

We are always thinking of the boundaries with the future. We take a detailed, oriented approach to everything we do, including construction supervision at large yards, operational and engineering management and very successful charter operations.


The Titanium project designed by Winch marks the third partnership of the Monaco brokerage company with the Italian Sea Group – Admiral shipyard



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