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In the cloud, real-time analysis of satellite images – High technology

Automatic and real-time processing of satellite images arriving in the cloud: this is thanks to Thales Alenia Space’s DeeperVision artificial intelligence system (Thales-Leonardo), which will be added to the Microsoft platform. Azure Orbital to manage satellites. This is predicted by the innovation project in the field of cloud technology for the space announced by Thales Alenia Space and Microsoft.

The goal of this initiative is to allow users to focus on truly relevant content of satellite imagery, where human experience is key. All of this is made possible by DeeperVision, a system that uses artificial intelligence to process and analyze large volumes of Earth observation to automatically detect how particles evolve over time. time and areas of interest. Information is automatically and continuously extracted from real-time images, while results are stored as metadata in a larger catalog.

Tom Keane, Vice President of Azure Global Corporate at Microsoft. “Customers will benefit from all the capabilities of Thales Alenia Space’s DeeperVision solution to handle data flow and deliver information promptly with Azure Orbital cloud capabilities,” Clarence Duflocq, Vice President Strategy & Innovation at Thales Alenia Space adds. (HANDLING).


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