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In the news: In-store shopping has begun at the beginning of the year

One thing the pandemic has done is limit store shopping. In turn, this is the cause of the drastic increase in online shopping and delivery. But starting in 2021, that trend changed as more people ventured out and started shopping in stores. This according to an article with the title, In-store shopping has increased by 28.5% since the beginning of 2021, in this week’s synthesis.

According to the Zenreach report, in-store shopping has increased 28.5% since the beginning of the year. And a switch back to in-store shopping is a good indicator that things are changing, albeit slowly. For retailers, however, this good news is seen as a victory in a year rife with bad news after bad news. For small retailers, this means preparing for reopening as some businesses switch to selling only online or shut down altogether.

This is one of many articles covering the problems small businesses encounter on Small Business Trends. While the dashboard highlights the top articles of the week, there are many other equally informative articles on small business issues.

Check out this week’s dashboard and get information on everything from retail trends to where to get business loans and ways to improve your customer experience.

Small Business News Synthesis Round – April 9, 2021

Here’s the rest of the headlines that made news for small business owners this week:

43% of teleworkers miss a conversation with a co-worker with a water cooler

Timely chats at the water cooler are a feature of the office work that 43% of teleworking colleagues miss most in the past year. 36% miss a better workstation or office setup, while 25% miss lunch the most. 20% of remote employees miss Happy Hours with colleagues.

Smallest businesses have seen slower sales since the pandemic

Small businesses with ten or fewer employees are seeing slower sales since the pre-pandemic period. This is the finding in a report by Skynova, an online invoicing specialist for small businesses. Skynova surveyed more than 1,000 experts to find out how digital changes have impacted their businesses and employees during the health crisis.

Oracle NetSuite named Ramon Ray as its first Entrepreneur in the residence

Ramon Ray, founder of SmartHustle Media, joined Oracle NetSuite as the First Resident in Residence. Throughout history, an Artist in Residence has enjoyed the host’s hospitality, while at the same time sharing knowledge and experiences. Ray says his background makes him well-suited for the residency Entrepreneur position.

Where to get a loan to buy a business

When trying to buy an existing business, you may need to take out a loan to cover all or part of the initial purchase. There are plenty of small business financing options to choose from, including SBA loans, bank loans, merchant funding, and online options like Fundera and Lendio.

Why should every small business practice “Zohonomics”

Companies can be built for things other than making a profit. Zoho’s executives practice what they call “Zohonomics”, where they design their growth strategy across humanity instead of just money.

10 perks that companies can offer to boost employee morale and retention

Outside of the job position, company interests are one of the most important factors candidates consider when assessing whether or not they want to join a company. Once an employee has joined, these perks can also play a role in whether the employee chooses to stay and whether they perceive that the company values ​​their contributions.

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