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In the news: SBA Simplifies Process for Restaurant Revitalization Fund

The pandemic never happened in any business, but one of the most affected segments was the restaurant industry. Add to that with different regulations in cities and states across the country, owners have struggled to keep their business going. By establishing a $ 28.6 billion Restaurant Restoration Fund (RRF), the US Rescue Plan will help this industry as the end of the pandemic tunnel light continue brighter.

In this week’s closing round, SBA Releases Official Restaurant Restoration Fund Application and Guidelines The article shows how restaurant owners can ask for money in the rescue plan. This time the SBA says the RFF application process is purposefully streamlined and free of bureaucratic and bureaucratic barriers.

On the brighter side, SBA developed program guidelines after partnering with independent restaurant and bar operators in the US. Grants will provide up to $ 10 million per business and no more than $ 5 million per physical location.

This is one of the stories you’ll find this week that have direct impact on small businesses. Another article directly related to the pandemic is that 57% of US Small Businesses Are Now Fully Reopened After COVID Restrictions are Removed. You can find many of these other articles on roundup and SBT.

Small Business News Synthesis Round – April 23, 2021

This week’s review contains more articles on how to keep your small business running.

Tax Credits Available To Employers Spend time paying employees getting vaccinated

The Biden administration is offering tax credits to businesses offering paid vacation time to employees so they can get COVID vaccinations when it becomes available to them. Learn more about deductibles.

Employees have less plans to quit

Employees who are willing to quit, on average, show greater variation at the beginning and end of the workday compared to those who are staying. Reducing working hours often makes it more difficult for them to take three weeks before an employee leaves the organization.

Bank approval for non-PPP loans increased slightly

Small business loan approval rates are slightly increasing. The increase in non-PPP lending to small businesses was announced in the latest Biz2Credit Small Business Loan Index based on March 2021 figures. Since mid-January, Biz2Credit was already a unit. handles top PPP applications in the United States. Lending by major banks increased to 13.5% in March 2021.

57% of US small businesses are now fully reopened after COVID restrictions were removed

After the relaxation of COVID restrictions, more than half (57%) of small businesses have now fully reopened. This good news was revealed by Kabbage, an American Express Company, in its Small Business Recovery report. The report tracks the growth of small businesses in America throughout 2021, as they recover from the crisis.

New data shows just how long American workdays are

Has the working hours changed? How does that affect productivity? According to a survey by the Prodoscore Research Council, they are. Prodoscore data shows that the average workday is from 8:24 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. in 2020 to 7:46 a.m. until 6:12 p.m. in 2021.

With home work, some office taboos are no longer true

There have been long-standing taboos in the traditional workplace environment; for example, don’t talk about religion or politics and don’t have a romantic relationship with someone you work with at your company.

UPshow promises more customers to interact with for restaurants and sports bars

Now, bar and restaurant owners can use their smartphones to customize and control the messages customers see on home TV screens. UpShow is the latest innovation in interactive marketing. Small Business Trends contacted John Kirk, COO, Joe Hand Promotion, to find out more. He wrote: “UpShow transforms TV screens into an engaging digital experience.

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