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Independent Record Label from New Zealand ready to take its roster onto the Global Stage. – Press Releases

After building the foundations of their company structure and recruiting local talent, None Entertainment has sold out various shows across their country and are ready to expand to a showcase to a global audience.

None Entertainment is an emerging independent music label from New Zealand. Run by a talented and experienced team that provides solutions for various artists, DJs and entertainers, None Entertainment is at the forefront of expanding the ever-growing New Zealand entertainment industry. With in-house specialists in music production, engineering, artist management, event planning and management, communications and PR, high-end videography and photography, None Entertainment is a full-service establishment for all creators.

Unrivalled in their ability to market events and promote signees through the use of organic grass-rooting in the highly competitive entertainment industry, None Entertainment has hosted nation-wide events such as their highly-successful “O The Top” shows, which was sold-out in every major city, to build their brand and increase their reputation in the New Zealand community.

None Entertainment is focused on building strong relationships with various community-based organisations to help provide opportunities for talented individuals to showcase their talents to the world. By creating a platform and building infrastructure that can empower those that might not have access to production and recording equipment, None Entertainment is focused on building a structure that provides the platform to those that want to have a career in entertainment. The leadership group has a strong focus on connecting with the youth and believing in the next generation of talented individuals who will uplift New Zealand into the mainstream of the entertainment industry.

With talent-incubation ability only matched by the larger major record labels in New Zealand, None Entertainment aims to continue to expand their roster of signees which includes rising rap-star “Sauce40”, New Zealand’s top-rated DJ “Zeroz”, and YouTube sensation “Uoka/Ryder” from ‘The Cougar Boys’.

With a strong foundation set in stone and a company structure that is tailored to nurture talent, None Entertainment is ready to expand its global presence and put its roster into the eyes of the international audience.

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