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India kneeled, the expression that terrified Europe – World

Hospitals launch SOS because patients died of hypoxia: here is the fastest snapshot of the Covid nightmare India has returned, overwhelmed by a variant that caused a million infections in three day. A terrifying surge is now terrifying Europe. After appearing in several countries, including Italy, a first case was also registered in Switzerland. The variant B.1.617, which had a double mutation from the original strain and appeared to be more contagious, brought India back into a complete emergency. Just a month ago, the Minister of Health announced that the epidemic had “ended”, while the government is now forced to send armed forces to the most severely affected areas to resupply. Over the past three days, records have been burned, with more than 340,000 infections recorded in the last 24 hours (more than a third of the 893,000 cases in the world, also a record). And many experts estimate that it will take at least three more weeks to reach the peak.

Crowds of people are inherently an Indian custom, from business meetings to weddings, as well as complicity. Not to mention millions of pilgrims gathered in the Ganges River once again for a soak ritual this year. Hospitals in Delhi and other cities are collapsing, but the most serious condition is lack of oxygen for intensive care. A doctor from a hospital in the capital told the BBC, explaining that he spends a lot of time on the phone, even with his colleagues, hunting for cylinders. In Jaipur Golden Hospital alone, 20 patients died of lack of oxygen overnight. The uniqueness of the Indian variant, precisely due to its double mutation, is a cause of concern for the rest of the world, including Europe, as it is not clear whether the vaccines are currently in use. application can disable it or not (in Israel Pfizer will be effective, but in a reduced way).


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