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Indian vaccine maker COVID urges Biden to lift export embargo | News about the pandemic coronavirus

The Serum Institute of India, the world’s largest vaccine producer, said the US export embargo on raw materials is affecting the production of vaccines.

The Serum Institute of India (SII), the world’s largest producer of vaccines, has urged President Joe Biden to lift the U.S. embargo on the export of raw materials that affect production. the country’s COVID-19 injection drug release.

“@POTUS is respected, if we truly unite to defeat this virus, on behalf of the vaccine industry outside the US I humbly suggest that you lift the embargo on the export of raw materials. It’s going to be rough out of the United States so vaccine production can increase, ”SII CEO Adar Poonawalla said in a tweet on Friday.

SII is producing the drug AstraZeneca, which accounts for more than 91% of the 115.5 million doses injected domestically. The company will soon start production of the Novavax vaccine.

Vaccination decreased from a peak

Poonawalla’s appeal comes as India’s COVID-19 daily vaccinations have slowed from their peaks earlier this month while new cases have set a record, government data showed today. Friday.

India reported the highest number of coronavirus infections in the world this month. Its 14.3 million total is the most behind the US, with 174,308 deaths.

Amid the sudden spike and after supplying and selling tens of millions of doses of COVID-19 vaccine abroad, India suddenly found itself short of the drug.

It has abruptly changed the rules to allow for quick control of vaccine imports, having previously turned down foreign drug makers like Pfizer.

The number of vaccines peaked at 4.5 million doses on April 5 but has increased by an average of about three million doses per day since then, according to the government’s Co-Win portal to coordinate vaccination.

Many immunization centers in India currently distributing supplies, although only vaccinating people over 45, started the campaign in mid-January with frontline staff.

It has been used the most in the world after the US and China, but the per capita ratings are much lower.

Many states have sought to expand the immunization program to include all adults, but the government says the dosage is “finite.”

The government said Friday it had about 30 million doses of the drug. According to its vaccination trends over the past week, that is enough for 10 days.

This week, India issued an emergency license to Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine, and imports for 125 million people will begin this month. The government has also urged Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson to sell their fighter jets to India.

It has also allowed the Haffkine Institute biomedical research agency, based in the state of Maharashtra, to produce homegrown Covaxin as developer Bharat Biotech is struggling to increase its yields.



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