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Introducing Mindbodygreen’s Clean Beauty School Podcast

And at mindbodygreen, one of our most important beauty pillars is that no product can replace the simple act of taking care of yourself. That’s why this podcast will be first and foremost: take care of yourself.

See, when you look at beauty through the prism of well-being, you will see that your skin and body for their purpose are much larger than they appear to be. (Your best look and feel isn’t too bad, though.) Your skin is one Vivid shield—Protect you every day. It’s one of your body’s best communicators, providing you with real-time indicators of your inner health. It’s an agency that works to make you the healthiest version of yourself. Separating beauty from its foundation in happiness separates it from its most important context.

As for your host (hello!), I am so happy to start this new adventure with you. We are developing mindbodygreen beauty in a way that I hope speaks to the era we live in, as well as the importance of fostering a conversation about modern beauty that outperforms us in particular and Generally speaking. And this podcast will reflect that: What we talk to here will feel real and relevant to you. So please always contact me at [email protected] for any thoughts on the topics we cover or how we might better talk to you.

I care deeply about beauty. I hope that you will also appreciate the ways in which it can nurture you.



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