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Iran, Rohani: ‘The nuclear program will remain peaceful’ – World

The world does not have “worry” that Iran’s nuclear program is still “peaceful”. This was stated by President Hassan Rohani, commenting on international criticisms of Tehran’s claiming to be 60% enriched with uranium, while negotiations on a US return to the 2015 deal are resumed at Vienna.

The head of the government in Tehran therefore called “concerns expressed in Europe and the United States” about the possible military developments of Iran’s nuclear program “a mistake”. “If we want, we can enrich uranium by 90 percent even today. But we don’t want a nuclear bomb,” Rohani repeated, assuring “if the other parties came back. our obligation “under the agreement (Jcpoa),” our enrichment will not exceed 3.67% “, as required by the agreement,” and therefore we will stop enrichment at 60% and even at 20% “.


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